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Larry B. Erickson



15 Policemen Now in Armed Forces

Three more police officers have enrolled in the armed services of their country and will report at Fort Leavenworth October 6.  They were inducted at Fort Crook September 16. In the above picture they are left to right: Patrolman Bayne W. Linden, 29, 1613 W. 17th street, who has been on the force two years; Patrolman Jerry Mayberry, 29, 1323 Virginia street, about eight months; and Patrolman Larry B. Erickson, 35, 2018 Heights avenue, five years.

The induction of these three brings to 15 the police officers now in the nation’s armed forces.

Police Chief G. Frank Wheelock said that 14 new officers have been added to the force since Pearl Harbor.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, September 27, 1943 (photo included)