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Sgt. Albert W. English


Sgt. Albert W. English

Sgt. Albert W. English entered the service from Rock Island, Illinois. He served as a waist gunner with the United States Army Air Force in the 786th Bomber Squadron with the 466th Heavy Bomber Group. They were based out of AAF Station No. 120 near Attebridge, England.

On April 8, 1944, Sgt. English was with a squadron of B-24s that had been assigned a bombing mission over Brunswick, Germany. Sgt. English’s plane came under attack from a fighter. Sgt. English was hit by a shell which blew off one of his hands. The crew was forced to bail out of their plane that was on fire.

The Germans found three bodies among the wreckage. Two were identified as 1st Lt. Kenneth R. Kessenger, pilot, and Roland C. Boulter. The third body was missing a hand. The three fliers were buried at Neoltringhausen Cemetery on November 9th. They were later re-interred at
Ardeness American Cemetery, Plot B, Row 40, Grave 55.

Sgt. English was awarded the Purple Heart.

Source: adoptiegraven-database