Fayette County

Painter 1/c Wayne W. Earle




Wayne Earle, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Earle, enlisted Friday in the navy, and left that day from Des Moines. His wife will make her home with his parents.

Source: Fayette County Leader, July 9, 1942


Wayne Earle, A. S., Great Lakes Naval Station, came Friday for a few days’ furlough in the parental Wm. Earle home in Albany.

Source: Fayette County Leader, November 5, 1942

Mr. and Mrs. Will Earle of Albany have received word that their son, Wayne Earle, Painter 1/c, has arrived in Oakland, Calif., after nearly two years of overseas service in the New Hebrides. He is in the Navy.  His wife lives in Oelwein and employed by the Midland Mfg. Co.

Source: Fayette County Leader, Nov. 30, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Earle are parents of a girl, born Tuesday, Oct. 23, at Mercy hospital, Oelwein.  Mr. Earle, who returned from a number of months’ service in the Pacific area, has received his final discharge.

Source: Fayette County Leader,  October 25, 1945