Woodbury County

Robert M. Drevs



Robert M. Drevs was born 19 April 1925, in Moville, to Christian and Beulah (Harmes) Drevs. I lived my entire life in Moville, except for the few years I was in the service. I graduated from Moville in 1943.

I entered the Army, 23 May 1945, at the induction center in Ft. Snelling, Minn. I was sent then, 31 May 1945, to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, then to Camp Livingston, Louisiana on 9 June 1945. Left the states for LeHarve, France on November 8, 1945, on the USS Monticello, from Camp Pickett, Virginia. Traveled from LeHarve on 40 & 8’s for Vilseck, Germany, then to Augsburg, German, and then to Munich. I was assigned to the Food and Agriculture branch of Economics Division in the Office of Military Government for Bavaria, from December 4, 1945 to April 4, 1946.

On pass with Lt. Bozeman, I went to Selb and Marketredwitz the first week of January 1946, to pick up a set of dishes for General Meuller. I went skiing at the Berghaus near Bayrischzell on weekends. I visited Berchtesgarden in May of 1946. On one of the leaves, I went to the Catacombs; where I happened to meet my neighbor, Irving Molstad, from Moville.

April 7, was transferred to the PX from April 7 to May 21st; then was transferred to Berlin, May 23rd. Joined the 822 MP’s on the 28th of May. Pulled my first duty on the 1st of June. On the 9th of August, was on the Firing Squad for the Colonel who committed suicide because we caught up with him in some of his black market deals. On Furlough, 20 August to 3 September 1946, took a Swiss- Rome tour. Started for home September 5th, left Berlin on the 5, got to Bremmerhaven on the 6th, boarded the Texarkana on Friday the 13th, and arrived New York City on September 24th. Went to Camp Kilmore, Fort Sheridan, and spent the last six days of my army life sleeping in tents about a 100 yards from the shore of Lake Michigan. Finally arrived home 5th October, was on furlough, but never had to go back. Was discharged 2 November 1946. I was in the Army, one year, five months.

I married Mary Rosalie Shay on February 1949, (where). We have six children, Francis Wayne, Terri Ann Wachter, Jeane Marie, Kathleen Kay, Patrick Robert, and Thomas Shay. We have seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

Son, Frances Wayne, served in the U.S. Army from 1969 to 1971. He married Jeanette Maguire and they have two girls and live at Ida Grove.
Daughter, Terri Ann Rice Wachter, is married to Joe and together they have three children, and live in Sioux City.

Daughter, Jeane Marie, lives in Greeley, Colorado. Daughter, Kathleen Kay, lives in Sioux City. Son, Patrick Robert, lives in Moville.

Son, Thomas Say, married Kathleen Penfield. They have three children and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

My dad, Christian L.J. Drevs, served in WWI. He and Beulah, his wife, had five boys and one girl. They had three sons who served in WWII in the Army: Wilbur Laverne, Kenneth LeRoy, and Robert Merlin. Everett Eugene served in the Korean era. Also, two grandsons, Francis Wayne and Ronald David Drevs, served in the Viet Nam War. Two great grandsons, Scott Allen Rice and Brenton Lee Drevs served in the Bosnia era.

BIO Submitted by Robert M. Drevs of Moville, Iowa.