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Corporal Thomas M. Dougherty of the infantry has returned to Camp Barkeley, Texas, after spending a 10-day furlough with his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Dougherty, 1020 Pierce Street.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, November 25, 1942

Sioux City Veteran Who Suffered Loss of Both Hands Granted Drivers License
S. Sgt. Dougherty and Another Disabled Iowan Qualify

Des Moines.—(AP)—
Loss of both arms below the elbow in the war isn’t going to keep Sgt. Thomas M. Dougherty of Sioux City from driving a car.

The Iowa Public Safety Department reported Monday that the 29-year-old Dougherty has been approved by the Michigan state police as a capable driver despite the double amputation.

Clarence Shirer, superintendent of the Iowa driver’s license division, said Dougherty would be allowed to maintain an Iowa drivers license on the basis of the Michigan recommendation.

Dougherty has been a patient in a government hospital in Michigan.

The examining officer in Michigan told the Iowa department that Dougherty “has an artificial left hand and a hook device on the right hand.”

Shirer said the state department is preparing a program that will assist the returning disabled veteran “in every way possible to learn to handle a car.”

Sgt. Dougherty, 29, is the son of Mrs. Elizabeth Dougherty, 1020 Pierce street. He was wounded July 5, 1944, while serving with the American forces in the invasion of continental Europe. According to an interview he gave a Journal reporter last December, the veteran lost his hands when a German shrapnel shell exploded over a machine gun crew nest.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 23, 1945