Kossuth County

Gordon Dimler



Lu Verne, Aug. 9—Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dimler, of LuVerne, received the following letter from their son Gordon Dimler, who is a prisoner of war in Germany:

“After hearing you have received some of my letters, I shall again write to you.

“I have been getting quite a bit of mail from you and also the packages you have sent so far.  I am feeling fine and glad to hear you folks are, too.  Give my regards to everyone and tell them all to write.

“Nancy Ann I suppose is quite a girl.

“I have also heard from Bette and Naomi. Tell Ann Smith I got her card and letter.

“Well not much more to say.  Tell Dad not to catch all the fish so I’ll have a few.  Will close.  Hoping to see you soon.”

Howard Smith is in the same camp in Germany and has been a prisoner, too, since February 17, 1943.  His mother is a widow, Mrs. Georgia Smith, living in LuVerne, and she heard just recently from Howard.  His address is Camp Stalag 3-B Germany, and Gordon’s address is Camp Stalag, 2-B, Germany.

Source:  Kossuth County Advance, August 10, 1944

Gordon Dimler, another Kossuth POW, has been liberated, and is now at home with his parents at LuVerne.

In the past week many liberation messages have been received by the Red Cross here to be relayed to the next of kin, and at this time all Kossuth soldiers have been heard from but two, and reports from them are expected at any time.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, May 29, 1945