Woodbury County

S/Sgt. John Diavastes





John Diavastes, staff sergeant in the infantry, has returned from 37 months service in the European war zone and after a short stay at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., will spend the remainder of his furlough at his home, 1309 Leech avenue.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 4, 1945

S. Sgt. John Diavastes, son of Zionn Diavastes, 1309 Leech avenue, was recently awarded the bronze star for meritorious service in combat.  He is serving on the Fifth army front in Italy with the 133d infantry regiment, 34th Red Bull division.  Acting as mess sergeant and acting first sergeant, Sgt. Diavastes performed invaluable services to his company, his duties consisted of delivering rations to his men over routes frequently under artillery fire.  While acting first sergeant, the citation stated he displayed exceptional initiative and ability by competently coordinating his company with the battalion’s operations.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 29, 1945