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Emerson K. Dean



Emerson Dean Is Reported Missing In Action In Italy

Emerson K. Dean, 27, formerly of Arnolds Park, has been reported missing in action in Italy since Oct. 18. The war department telegram reached his wife, the former Miss Helen Jeppson, of Pocahontas Point, Saturday.

Dean had been in the infantry of the army and overseas for the last three years. He had been based in England and had been through considerable fighting in Africa and Italy prior to the time he was reported missing.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dean of Peterson, formerly of Arnolds Park. He has a brother, Robert, who is in the Marines on the west coast. Brothers Ward and Jerry live at home, and a young sister, Jane, is at home. Mrs. Dean has been living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeppson, at Pocahontas Point. She has been employed considerably at the drug store in Arnolds Park.

Source: The Milford Mail, Milford, Iowa, Thursday, November 09, 1944, Page 1