Sioux County

Pfc. Peter DeStigler




Local Man’s Outfit In Italy Has Fine Record

With the Fifth Army, Italy—Pfc. Peter DeStigler is a member of the 105th Antiaircraft Battalion, whose flak in the skies over the Mediterranean Theater since the invasion of North Africa has driven off 1000 German planes, shot down 75, probably destroyed an additional 46 and damaged many others.

Now on the Fifth Army front before the Po Valley, the 105th serve in Scotland and England, made amphibious assault landings in Northern Algeria, Sicily and Italy and fought in Tunisia.  It has well over 700 days in combat to its credit.  In Tunisia, in one week, men of the 105th shot down 14 enemy planes, possibly got nine others and fight as infantry against counterattacking Germans.

Source: The Sioux Center News, Thursday, April 12, 1945