Adams County

Joseph Simpson Davis


Joseph S. Davis Still
“Missing In Action”

Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Davis of Corning, Route 2, last week received a letter from the Navy Department stating that the Navy still maintains their son, Joseph Simpson Davis, C 1-C, in the status of “Missing in Action.” About two years ago, Seaman Davis was reported missing in action and according to the letter received last week, the Navy Department has reviewed all the facts available concerning his disappearance and in accordance with Public Law No. 490, still carry Seaman Davis in the missing status.

Accompanying the letter was a booklet which the Navy has prepared, giving information concerning naval personnel reported missing.

Source: The Spirit Lake Beacon, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Thursday, April 20, 1944, Page 1


Confirmation this week by the Navy of the death of Joseph S. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Davis brings to 48 the number of Adams County boys who gave their lives in World War II. Davis was reported missing March 1, 1942, when the USS Houston was sunk in Soenda Straits. The battle took place February 28, 1942.

Possibly with two exceptions, Main Street personally knew all of the 48 men we have carried on the World War II list of those killed while in service and all of them can rightfully be claimed as Adams County men, state historical department records not-withstanding. [NOTE: The State Historical Department had claimed a lesser figure.]

Source: Adams County Free Press, Corning, Iowa, Thursday, January 10, 1946, Page 1