Pottawattamie County

S/Sgt. Jordan W. Davis


Local Youth Is Given the DSC

“For extraordinary heroism in action at Riak island on June 10, S. Sgt. Jordan W. Davis has been awarded the distinguished service cross.

The citation, as received by his mother, Mrs. Agnes Chapman, 809 First avenue, reads in part:

“S. Sgt. Davis volunteered to lead his squad down a cliff o locate and destroy two unoccupied enemy mortar positions. At the foot of the cliff he moved his squad toward one of the two enemy anti-aircraft positions surprising and eliminating five enemy soldiers stationed nearby.

“One position located, the squad encountered enemy fire and was prevented from advancing. When S. Sgt. Davis made a reconnaissance, he was fired upon by enemy riflemen from a cave, but he advanced under fire to throw hand grenades into the cave.

“The enemy from the second anti-aircraft position directed rifle fire at him, but he charged the position and killed one enemy soldier, then stood in an upright position to kill another who rushed out. Seeking an enemy machine gun, he discovered it had been withdrawn and ordered his squad forward. He surprised and killed three additional enemy soldiers, and despite enemy fire and grenades, succeeded in eliminating the enemy positions.”

S. Sgt. Davis is a step-son of the late Don Chapman. He has been in the South Pacific theater of war three years.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Sunday, January 14, 1945, Page 3 (photo included)