Dubuque County

S/Sgt J. "Dannie" Danner




Mess Sergeant Licks That Old Spam Problem

A U.S. BOMBER STATION, England, Mar. 16 – The claim by soldiers in this field is that their mess sergeant has licked the Spam set-up. “We eat it and like it,” they say.

S/Sgt. J. “Dannie” Danner, of Dubuque, Iowa, who made a name at camps along the West Coast back home, comes forward as champion of the well-known belly-robber’s stand-by.

Take two cans of Spam, he says, grind it fine with No. 10 sweet pickles and mix with mayonnaise. This provides a spread for 250 sandwiches. With less mayonnaise this is the mixture for a salad.

Another recipe for Spam used by Danner is to fry slices in a batter made from egg powder.

Source: Stars and Stripes, Wednesday, March 17, 1943