Woodbury County

Pvt. Milfred M. Dahms




The War Department announced officiating Wednesday that two Sioux Cityans, Capt. F. D. Burdick and Private Milfred M. Dahms, are interned in Italy as prisoners of war.

Capt. Burdick, whose wife resides at 901 20th street, was a member of the Army medical corps and has been stationed in Africa as a battle line surgeon.  He was captured February 1, was interned first in Italy, was transferred to a German camp March 3 and now reportedly has been taken back to Italy.

Private Dahms, son of Mrs. Leona Dahms, 721 Market street, was serving with a commando unit in Africa at the time he was taken prisoner, January 18.  He also apparently has been taken from an Italian camp to a German one and then transferred back to Italy.  In February he broadcast by short wave from a German concentration center and Mrs. Dahms said the last word she had received from her son was a form postcard indicating he was in Germany.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, May 20, 1943