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Dale Culbertson



Dale Culbertson Writes From England to Algona Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Culbertson, Algona, are in receipt of a letter from their son, Dale, who just recently arrived in England. It will be remembered by many that Dale Culbertson, Russell Sands, son of Mrs.. Mary K. Sands, and Al Lichter, son of Henry Lichter, all Algona boys, enlisted in the Army Air Corps in December, 1941.  Dale and Russell are connected with the ground forces while Al was a pilot and recently parachuted to German territory and is a German prisoner at this time.  Dale is trying to find Russell in the British Isles so that they may have a visit. His letter follows:

Jolly Old England, April 16, 1944
Dear Folks:  Got your letter yesterday and was sure glad to hear from you and thanks for the news clippings.  Glad to hear that everyone is O.K.  Sorry to hear of Al being in German territory but let’s hope he is returned soon.  Ask Mrs. Sands for Russell’s address, so I can write him and let him know I’m here, too.

You might tell some of the Algona people to take it easy on the beer and save some for me when I get back.  Don’t like the beer over here, and that’s all we can get.  I went to Oxford a couple of days ago and tried what they call wine and it tasted like vinegar to me so I’ve decided to give the whole thing up until I can clamp my paws on a bottle of Old Style Lager.  Not much news from this section. I am feeling fine and don’t worry about me, and I’ll be seeing you and I don’t think it will be so long off, either.  Write soon and often.  With love, folks, to all of you, Dale.

Source:  The Algona Upper Des Moines, Tuesday, May 23, 1944