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Bob Crowl


Bob Crowl May Get Letter Soon
Lost Wallet May Bring Pair Together

Somewhere at sea, at some unknown date, a British Tommy struck up an acquaintance with Bob Crowl, radioman 1/c, and former Nonpareil photographer and reporter, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Crowl, 734 Forest Drive.

Crowl and Pvt. W. Bull, now battling in Italy, found mutual understanding, promised to write to each other. Addresses were exchanged. Then someone “pinched” Pvt. Bull’s wallet. It contained Crowl’s address.

But a chain of circumstances will get a new address for Crowl to Pvt. Bull – thanks to the Rev. Paul Smith, S. J., of Creighton university, where Crowl attended school.

And these are the circumstances:

Lt. Col. Donald D. Hoover, now with General Montgomery in the Italian area, dropped a note about it to Bozel and Jacobs, Omaha advertising agency and his former employer.

Pvt. Bull told of his meeting with Crowl, their promise to write each other, and the “pinch” of his wallet containing Crowl’s address.

Did Colonel Hoover, the British Tommie asked, know anything about Omaha? About Creighton university? And it’s basketball team? And did the colonel know a Rev. Paul Smith, S. J., of Creighton, whom Crowl had expressed great admiration for? Did he know a “bloke” by the name of Crowl?

The colonel knew some of the answers, but not all of them. But he did believe he could contact the Rev. Father Smith and might possibly locate Crowl’s address.

Thus came the letter to Bozel and Jacobs, who gave it to the alumni office, who in turn obtained Radioman Crowl’s address from his father, which is now enroute to Pvt. Bull from Father Smith.

Source: The Council Bluffs Nonpareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Sunday, March 04, 1949, Page 3 (photo included)