Carroll County

S/Sgt. Arden J. Collison



Halbur (THNS) – Pvt. Arden Collison has been given the rating of private first class and has been transferred to Denver, Colo., from Miami Beach, Fla. He is now attending an Armorer School. His address is: Pfc. Arden J. Collison, No. 766, T.S.S. Barracks 514, Buckley Field, Denver, Colo.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, June 17, 1943

Halbur (THNS) – Pfc. Arden Collison has been transferred from Lowrie Field, Denver, Colo., to Panama City, Fla., where he has the following address: Pfc. Arden J. Collison, Pool Squadron, Tyndall Field, Panama City, Fla.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, September 4, 1943

Arden Collison Receives Aerial Gunners Wings

Halbur (THNS) – Arden Collison graduated Tuesday from the gunners school at Tyndall Field, Panama City, Fla., where he received his wings and was given the rating of sergeant.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, November 3, 1943

Halbur News
Sgt. Arden Collison left Saturday for Barksdale Field, Shreveport, La., after visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Collison.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, November 8, 1943


S/Sgt. Arden Collison graduated from C.H.S. in 1941. His home is in Halbur. Arden played football and was a member of the student council. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. William Collison, who received a telegram from the War Department stating that Arden was seriously injured in action in France on October 5. He is a tail gunner on a B-26 bomber.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, October 30, 1944

Sgt. Arden Collison Writes to Parents About His Injuries

Halbur (THNS) – Mr. and Mrs. William Collison have received a letter from their son, S/Sgt. Arden J. Collison, who is in France, that he had been in a plane crash and had been severely burned on his arms, face and neck. His eyes had also been bandaged for eight days. He is getting along fairly well but will be confined to the hospital for some time.

The Collisons had previously received a telegram from the War Department stating their son had been seriously injured in action over France, Oct. 5.

Source: Carroll Times-Herald, November 10, 1944

S/Sgt. Arden J. Collison returned Thursday evening to Springfield, Mo., after spending a 21-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Collison. Arden returned from overseas in January and was sent to O’Reilly General Hospital in Springfield, Mo. He was severely burned when his B-26 plane on which he was tail gunner, crashed.

Source: Carroll Daily Times-Herald, April 20, 1945