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Pfc. Harold Chapman




Pfc. Harold L. Chapman, grandson of Mrs. Laura M. Grimesey, route 2, Sioux City, after 33 months overseas is returning home on furlough from the Fifth army front, according to a news release from his headquarters.  He is a member of the 135th regiment of the 34th “Red Bull” infantry division, which took part in the invasion of north Africa.  At that time he was a rifleman, but at the close of the Tunisian campaign he was transferred to the regimental cannon company, where he operated a 40-caliber machine gun.  In Italy he was with his company at the crossing of the Volturno river and saw action at Cassino, the Anzio beachhead, Rome, Leghorn, Pisa and the Gothic line.  A graduate of East high school, he was engaged in dairy work before entering the army.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 25, 1945


Pfc. Harold Chapman, returning from 34 months overseas in the European theater of operations, will report to Jefferson Barracks, Mo., before returning home to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Laura Grimesey.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 4, 1945


Pfc. Harold Chapman, nephew of Deputy Sheriff George Grimesey, 2601 Walker street, arrived home Friday noon after three years overseas service with the 135th infantry cannon company in Africa and Italy.  Pvt. Chapman was a member of the national guard at Camp Claiborne, La., and was transferred to the 135th infantry and went overseas in the spring of 1942.  His present furlough was granted on the rotation system.  He will be stationed in the United States for a least six months, probably at Hot Springs, Ark.  While in Sioux City, he will visit with Mr. and Mrs. Grimesey and other relatives and friends.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 17, 1945