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S/Sgt. Donald F. Carrigg




Two Sioux Cityans and Salix Resident Given High Praise

S. Sgt. Donald F. Carrigg and S. Sgt. Paddie B. Sampson, of Sioux City, and Pfc. Amedie O. Cabana, of Salix, Ia., are among the ground specialists of the 21st bomber command base on Saipan who have received a special commendation from Brig. Gen. H. S. Hansell, jr., commanding general of the unit.

The ground specialists of the command were called upon for the unusual assignment of building administrative and service facilities as well as living quarters at the base on Saipan.  In less than 20 weeks, b-29 Superfortresses were bombing Tokyo from that base.

S. Sgt. Carrigg, whose regular job is sheet metal worker, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Carrigg, 911 W. Sixth street.  His wife resides at 1225 S. Cornelia street.  He entered the service in April, 1942.  He has been on Saipan since July, 1944.

S. Sgt. Sampson is the son of Mrs. R. B. Sampson, Phillips Hotel.  A supply technician, he has been in service for two and a half years, and he has also been on Saipan since July.

Sgt. Cabana’s regular job is truck driving.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, January 24, 1945