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S/Sgt. Alois M. Carlson



Story of Heroism in Fortress Comes Here From London

From England to Sioux City comes a story of heroism that enabled the Flying Fortress Slightly Dangerous to drop its entire bomb load on targets at Emden, Germany, recently, after the plane’s bomb releases had failed to work.

The London press credits “the cool courage of Staff Sergeant, Alois M. Carlson, 26,” whose wife is the former Beulah Adams, 1217 W. Third street, with the action according to a clipping received by Mrs. Carlson.  She is working at a war industry and is here for the duration.

Of the action the London clipping stated: “The plane’s bomb releases had failed to work. The bombardier notified Carlson, a waist gunner, by interphone communication that the lights on the bombing panel showed four bombs still unreleased.

“Unhooking his oxygen line, Carlson picked up a walk-around oxygen bottle and, without his parachute, entered the bomb bay.  He threaded his way along the catwalk in a temperature of 36 degrees below zero thousands of feet above enemy territory to kick the last four bombs loose.  It only took five minutes, he said later.”

Sergeant Carlson, whose home has been in Minneapolis, was stationed at the Sioux City air base immediately before going overseas.  Sergeant and Mrs. Carlson were married June 4, 1943, in Sioux City.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, November 11, 1943