Cerro Gordo County

Pfc. Hubert M. Cabell




Pfc. Hubert Cabell
Hit by Shrapnel on
Guard Duty, Naples

Pfc. Hubert M. Cabell, son of Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Cabell, 304 21st S.E., who has been in the Kennedy general hospital at Memphis, Tenn., since January, recovering from wounds received in action at Naples, Italy, last October, is spending a 21-day furlough here after which he will return to the hospital for further treatment.

Pfc. Cabell was on night guard duty at Naples when a piece of shrapnel hit him, piercing his shoulder and lung and coming out from his side.  He relates that after being hit he came to long enough to call for help, which fortunately, was near at hand. From then on he knew nothing of what happened until he woke up the next morning in a hospital bed in Naples.

“Some of the finest surgeons have given up their private practice and now serving in the army,” said Cabell, high in his praise of the treatment he had received in the hospitals.

Pfc. Cabell holds the Purple Heart decoration and wears 2 stars in the European American Middle Eastern campaign ribbon, indicative of participation in 2 major operations in that area.

Upon reaching the east coast from Naples last January, Cabell was taken by plane to the hospital at Memphis.  He landed in the States on Jan. 12, exactly a year from the time he was inducted in the Army, he stated.  Pfc. Cabell is a graduate of the Mason City high school and was employed by the St. Paul, Minn., branch of the International Harvester company.

Source:  Mason City Globe-Gazette, May 27, 1944 (photo included)