Woodbury County

Lt. Col. Bernard A. Brown





American troops in Hawaii are, on the whole, well behaved and worthy of the praise of the rest of the American people, Lieut. Col. Bernard A. Brown, former municipal court judge here, who has been serving as a member of the judge advocate’s staff in Honolulu, declared Wednesday.

Granted a 30-day leave because of illness in his family, Col. Brown was able to spend a few hours in Sioux City Wednesday.  The colonel has been on foreign duty several months and before that was assistant judge advocate in the Seventh Corps area with headquarters in Omaha.  He served 20 months in the Seventh corps area.

“The good conduct of American troops in Hawaii reflects the sterling character of the training they received in American institutions and American homes,” said Col. Brown.  “Our soldiers are real red-blooded American youths and they are conducting themselves in such a manner as to make us proud of them.”

“American troops in Hawaii are happy and cheerful,” said the colonel.  “They are well clothed and well equipped. Their morale is high and they have an unbounded enthusiasm for the job they are doing.  Evertything possible is being done by the Army to make their living conditions as comfortable as possible under existing conditions.”

Since his return to the United States, Col. Brown said, he had noticed with satisfaction an evident desire and willingness on the part of the American public to cooperate in every way with the military program.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, August 20, 1942 (photo included)