Woodbury County

Maj. George C. Bergtholdt jr.



George C. Bergtholdt, son of Mrs. George C. Bergtholdt, sr., of Omaha, former Sioux Cityan, has been advanced to the rank of major.  He left the United States in 1944 and is in the Pacific war theater.  As a captain he was with the 781st ordnance company of the 81st “Willdcat” division and took part in the invasion of the Palau islands in the South Pacific area.  He was graduated from high school in Sioux City in 1928 and was graduated in mechanical engineering from Iowa State college at Ames in 1932.  He was formerly employed as consulting engineer with the Webster Engineering company of Tulsa, Okla., and his wife resides in Tulsa.  His brother, Charles P. Bergtholdt, is public health sanitation and industrial hygienist for the Nebraska Defense corporation.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, July 26, 1945