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Pvt. Robert W. "Bob" Allen





Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Trautman and family entertained the following guests at supper at their home on last Tuesday evening: Mrs. Ray Allen and son, Bob, Mrs. Clifford Raulson and Calvin, Mrs. Cora Harvey, all of Castalia, and Miss Opal Jones, of Decorah.

The occasion was in honor of Mrs. Trautman’s brother, Bob Allen, who went to Waterloo Thursday evening, where he left with the Black Hawk contingent for Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for army service.

Source: Postville Herald, August 26, 1942

Dear Bill:
I have been receiving the HERALD for several weeks and am writing to express my appreciation. It certainly is nice to keep in touch with the folks at home. I would like to thank all those who are donating to help defray the expenses also. I’m sure all the boys appreciate it very much.

I’m going to an army air force technical school, learning radio operation and mechanics. I like it fine here.

For anyone who wants my address, it is: Pvt. Robert W. Allen, 605 Technical School Squadron Special, Sioux Falls, So. Dak., Barracks 335.

Thanks again for the paper, Sincerely, Bob.

Source: Postville Herald, October 28, 1942

Mrs. Lester Trautman informs us that her brother, Private Robert Allen, has completed his course at the radio technician school at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and is now at the aerial gunnery school at Las Vegas, Nevada, where his address is: Pvt. Robert W. Allen, Class 43-11, L.V.A.G.S., Flight B, Barracks G 48-20, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Postville Herald, February 10, 1943

Robert W. Allen, brother of Mrs. Lester Trautman of this city, writes:
Dear Bill—Just a short note to acquaint you with my change of address. I graduated from the radio school at Sioux Falls, So. Dak., January 25 and came to Las Vegas Army Gunnery School, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 1.

This is a swell place—a lot warmer than at Sioux Falls. I saw Bob Hope’s show when he broadcast from here on last Tuesday night. It was very good.

I want to thank you again for the HERALD—I sure miss it when I don’t get it on time. I want to also thank everyone who is helping make it possible for all the boys to get it. We sure like to see what is happening around home. Sincerely, Bob.

Source: Postville Herald, February 24, 1943

Robert Allen Is Overseas.
We have the following letter from Sergeant Robert W. Allen, a member of a Bomber Squadron now overseas, dated September 26:
Dear Bill—I’ve been in North Africa for some time now. It isn’t so bad over here, except that they lack so many of the conveniences we had back in the States.

I surely have missed receiving the HERALD. I had depended on it quite a bit to keep up on the news from home so-much-so that I am lost without it. If it is possible, I would certainly appreciate your sending it to me here.

I want to thank you and all who help in sending it, and I’m sure all the other boys in the service feel the same way about it as I do. We all look forward to it and news from home, Sincerely, BOB ALLEN.

(You are on our list and have been, Bob. It requires about six weeks to two months for the first copy to reach you after leaving for overseas. So, as little patience and it will be along and then reach you regularly.~Bill)

Source: Postville Herald, October 13, 1943

Robert W. Allen
Date of entry into service: August 22, 1942
Place of entry on active duty: Camp Dodge, Iowa
Date of discharge or separation: September 2, 1945
Date of departure for foreign service: July 15, 1943
Date of return from foreign service: March 26, 1944

Source: Iowa, WWII Bonus Case Files