Woodbury County

S/Sgt. Harmon T. Allen





S. Sgt. Harmon T. Allen, son of Mrs. Edith Allen, 1607 Nebraska street, is a member of an ordnance outfit at work on the vehicles that travel the Ledo road to northern Burma. The Ledo road, forged over the precipitous Patkai mountains of northern Burma and through the treacherous Hukawng and Mogaung valleys where American and Chinese combat troops ousted the Japs, soon will link up with the Burma road to provide a vital land supply line to beleaguered China. S. Sgt. Allen has been serving the last 22 months in the India-Burma theater and is entitled to wear the Asiatic-Pacific campaign ribbon, with a bronze star and the good conduct medal. His wife, Frances, lives in Gilmer, Tex.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 18, 1945