Decatur County

Pvt. Harley Akes




Pvt. Harley Akes of Leon, who is stationed at Camp Blanding, Florida, writes that the really likes Florida and the nice warm weather there. “Most of the fellows in my company are from Texas, but there are a few from dear old Decatur county. I visit with Hoyle Anderson of Van Wert and Max Baker of Leon nearly every night.”

Source: Leon Journal-Reporter, Thursday, March 23, 1944

Pvt. Harley Akes, who is stationed at Camp Blanding, Florida is now in the station hospital suffering from burns. He writes that he will probably be a patient there for quite a while. He says Hoyle Anderson, from this county, is still at Camp Blanding.

Source: Leon Journal-Reporter, May, 1944

Pvt. Harley Akes, who is stationed at Camp Blanding, Florida, arrived Thursday for a furlough visit with his wife and children and other relatives in Leon. 

The following little poem was written by Pvt. Harley Akes while in a hospital at Camp Blanding, Florida. Pvt. Akes will conclude a visit here today with his wife and children. He reports to Fort George E. Meade, Maryland.


The sergeant is my shepherd,
I shall not want. He maketh me pick up burnt matches.
He leadeth me through mud puddles;
He restoreth my step.
He guideth me on the course of obstacles, for my health’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valleys, I must run up the hills.
He anointeth my head with abuses,
And my cup runneth over.
And I shall dwell in the hair of my Sergeant Forever.

Source: Leon Journal-Reporter, Thursday, June 15, 1944