Plymouth County

LeRoy Ahmann




The Bell-Enterprise last Friday enjoyed a visit from Pvt. LeRoy Ahmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ahmann, who was home on furlough from Long Beach, Calif.  LeRoy has been in the Army 16 months, and is in the anti-aircraft division of the Coast Artillery. He arrived here just in time to hang up his socks for Santa Claus, and was obliged to depart last Friday, being home exactly one week.

Source: The Remsen Bell-Enterprise, January 6, 1944


Among the servicemen of Plymouth county who have recently been home, or now at home are: James L. Wolf, Remsen; Leonard E. Witt, LeMars; Raymond J. Wilmes, LeMars; Wm. G. Spies of R. F. D. 7, LeMars; Ed. J. Sitzmann, LeMars; Alvin E. Schuette, Craig; Lieut. Woodrow E. Peterson, LeMars; Bob M. Mulder, LeMars; Sam E. Sittler, James; Dennis J. Lennihan, LeMars; Abra E. Koenig, LeMars; Don J. Ahmann, Remsen; Ervin R. Varenhorst, RFD 3, LeMars; George B. McKowan, LeMars; LeRoy Ahmann, Remsen; Henry Treinen, Remsen; Florian P. Stoffel, Remsen; Gilbert C. Raveling, LeMars; Paul A. Schlesselman, LeMars; Paul F. Byrds, Hinton; Albert Rosenau, Merrill; Lowell Betsworth, LeMars; John E. McGovern, Remsen; Roy E. Johnston, Remsen; Elmer Joseph Theisen, Oyens. Some of these have been previously mentioned in the Globe-Post—others not. Service men and women are invited to drop in at The Globe-Post office and get a souvenir pencil, or something, in exchange for a new item about themselves.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, October 16, 1944

NEWS of the BOYS in the SERVICE.

Pfc. LeRoy Ahmann of Fort Bliss, Texas, arrived last Wednesday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ahmann in Remsen. He will report back for duty on February 7.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, February 6, 1945