Plymouth County

Clifford P. Adkins




22 Out of List of 27 Offer Services For Armed Forces

Twenty-seven men left Sunday for Fort Crook, Neb., to be inducted into the armed services of the United States. Of this number 22 were volunteers, four coming from Beacon Airways.

Those selected for service in the Army will give the regular three weeks furlough and those taken by the Navy will have a week to get ready for service.

Five men were transferred to the local board for induction. Four of the group were flight instructors at Beacon Airways. They are:
Gordon O. Harper, LeMars
Clifford P. Adkins, LeMars
Kenneth C. Jeffrey, LeMars
Thomas D. Pomeroy, LeMars

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, January 24, 1944

Other volunteers transferred to the local board are:  Gordon O. Harper, Clifford P. Adkins, Kenneth C. Jeffrey, and Thomas D. Pomeroy, all of Beacon Airways.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, January 27, 1944