*last update 11-27-16

Military Involvement

~mailbox indicates a letter posted by the serviceman

Servicemen - P surnames KIA POW Died/nonbattle
Palmer, Darrell      
Parry, Marvin A.      
Pattison, Robert E.      
Paulin, Kenneth R. X    
Pavlik, Vincent      
Peck, Glenn      
Pehler, Max F. Letters link      
Pelton, Leonard      
Penning, Wayne      
Perry, Clifford      
Peters, Harvey      
Peterson, Jack J.      
Pfaltzgraff, Richard P.      
Pfeiffer, Oliver      
Phillips, Wallace      
Phillips, Wendell      
Phipps, Gordon W. X    
Poeckes, Henry      
Pollock, Vincent      
Popken, Kenneth      
Pratt, Donald A.      
Pratt, Kenneth J.      





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