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Military Involvement


Servicemen - E surnames KIA POW Died/nonbattle
Eason, J. V.      
Ebel, Howard      
Ebel, Melvin      
Ebel, Paul E.      
Eich, Thomas      
Ellerbroek, Boyd P. X    
Ellerbroek, W. B.      
Epping, Earl      
Erkes, Marion Jacob      
Evink, Tony      
Ewoldt, Leonard E.      

Joseph Henry Enenbach was born Aug. 12, 1923 to Henry Joseph and Claudia M. Washburn Enenbach. He died Feb. 26, 1994 and is buried in Saint Michaels Cemetery, Wheaton, IL.

Joseph served in World War II with the U.S. Navy.

Source: ancestry.com

Allen James Ewoldt was born Dec. 5, 1916 to Emil and Sarah Hyndman Ewoldt. He died July 5, 1943 and is buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Lemay, MO.

Lt. Ewoldt served in World War II with the U.S. Army Air Corps as a co-pilot on a Flying Fortress and was MIA/FOD/KIA in a raid on Comiso Airfield in Sicily. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and received four ribbons for distinguished service.

Source: ancestry.com

ServiceMen Research done by WWII Researcher, Pat Holt Juon, Apr 2019; updated Jun 2021



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