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Military Involvement


Servicemen - M surnames KIA POW DNB Pic/s
Magin, Raymond Willard Jr. X      
Mangelsen, Henry William E. X      
Manley, Daniel X      
McClain, Elmer T. DOW      
McKenna, Laurence P. X      
McManus, Paul H.        
Meader, John Roland Jr. X      
Michaelsen, Darwin F. DOW      
Milota, Frank Jr. X      
Mull, Roger Manrose X      
Munson, Marvin H. X      

Raymond Bernard McAndrew was born Dec. 18, 1916 to Philip E. and Jane McGonegle McAndrew. He died Aug. 10, 1943 and is memorialized at the Walls of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery, Taguig City, Philippines.

Petty Officer McAndrew served in World War II with the U.S. Navy and died from drowning at Hvaljordur, Iceland while serving his country.

Source: ancestry.com

Francis Earl McDougal was born May 17, 1923 to Francis Earl and Cora McDougal. He died Aug. 9, 1942 and was buried at sea. He has a cenotaph in Union Cemetery, Delmar, IA.

Petty Officer McDougal served with the U.S. Navy in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com

Richard Wilson McKenrick was born Apr. 21, 1921 to Willis and Marie May Wilson McKenrick. He died Aug. 1, 2013 and is buried in Clinton Lawn Cemetery, Clinton, IA.

Pvt. McKenrick served in World War II with the U.S. Army 1st Division, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion, Company D and was on Omaha Beach on D-Day. He was awarded the Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star.

Sources: ancestry.com; americandday.org

Walter David Morris III was born Apr. 16, 1920 to Watler David and Bess Dell VanAllen Morris. He died Mar. 1, 2002 and is buried in Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, IA.

Walter served with the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II.

Sources: ancestry.com

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