DEC 1941

Waterloo, Iowa

Waterloo Daily Courier, December 9, 1941

Manchester, Ia.—(Special)—The attack by Japanese on Pearl Harbor, T. H., Sunday brings war close to home for several Manchester families who have boys in naval service stationed at Pearl Harbor. The boys enlisted include: L. G. Bushnell and Clark Bushnell; Robert S. Bardtman, son of Thomas Bardtman; G. C. Struck, son of Mrs. Anna Struck; Herbert B. Cox, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cox; Howard D. Danford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Danford; Donald Boone, son of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Boone; D. C. Wilson; E. W. Wilson; J. H. Burns; R. L. Anderson; L. H. Harrington; R. M. Hines; B. T. Sherman; Kyle Faust, son of Mrs. Luella Faust; Maynard May, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. May.


Transcribed by Linda Ziemann, Nov 2015


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