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Jack P. Tarlton, Major Quartermaster Corps.

Roland L. Horner, Captain, Quartermaster Corps

John L. Curtis, First Lieut., Quartermaster Corps

State Detachment - Des Moines, Iowa


First Row: Tech. Sgt. F. A. Petty, Private J.R. Shattuck, Private R. Ashby, Private G.B. Hoover, Private First Class W.A. Rummans, Corporal P.A. White, Sergeant C. Ash, Staff Sgt. F.W. Kintner.

Second Row: Private G. C. Hess, Private M. Orlich, Staff Sergeant G.J. Ashby, Master Sgt. D.G. Bogue, Private First Class C.R. Stenstrum, Private C.W. Oliver, Staff Sgt. K.E. Soules, Private First Class R.E. Nicolle, Sergeant C.H. Wigton.

Third Row: Tech. Sgt. R.S. Larson, Corporal W.L. Dunagan, Corporal N.L. Cannon, Sergeant M.E. VanBenthuysen, Private L.A. Gifford, Private R.G. Gifford, Private L.F. Willcox, Corporal R.E. Law, Private E.H. Sayers.

The State Staff was accorded Federal recognition on January 1, 1922.  Prior to that date there were a number of officers commissioned in the Iowa National Guard who, without Federal status, supervised the administration and supply of the state troops.

The State Staff consists of nine officers, including the Adjutant General. They are assigned various duties in connection with the administration, supply, training and paying of the Iowa National Guard.

In a time of national emergency, the State Staff, assisted by the enlisted personnel of the State Detachment, would be charged, first: with the mobilization of the National Guard, the organization of inactive units, recruiting to authorized strength, supervising the transition from State to Federal troops; and second, with the administration of the selective service law which would be passed by Congress.

During the Armory drill year, the members of the State Staff, in addition to performing duties assigned them by the Adjutant General, meet in conference to study the part they would play in a national emergency.

All officers of the State Staff are well grounded in their respective duties and have enjoyed long periods of commissioned service.