Captain Charles T. McCampbell 1st Lt. Tilford E. Carlson


133rd Infantry, FAIRFIELD, IOWA

~Shown in above photograph

First Row: C.K. Parsons, W.E. Gow, D.N. Davis, R.J. Nickerson, H.W. Rodenmayer, A.L. Culp, R.H. Dimmitt, C.A. Easton
2nd Row: J.N. Calhoun, F.E. Irelan, J.B. Nelson, R.L. Switzer, E.L. Hubbs, P.K. Wilson, V.J. Hartman, G.C. Keltner, R.T. Angstead, T.L. Burnett
3rd Row: W.D. Riggs, V.W. Clinkenbeard, D.L. Barton, G.F. Richardson, M.R. Hogue, L.A. Webb, P.C. Farrell, H.E. Raines, C.R. Raymond, R.A. Blough, M.O. Townsend


The Service Company, 133rd Infantry, is an outgrowth of Company “M” Second Iowa Infantry, organized and mustered into the service by Adjutant General H. H. Wright in December, 1896.  Wilson G. Heaton was elected Captain on the day of the Company’s muster.

1st Lt. John E. McIntire 2nd Lt. Harry D. Keltner

~Shown in above photograph

First Row: K.F. Langner, F.W. Thomas, R.W. McIntire, E.A. Little (Band), A.J. Lee, J.M. Cartwright, E.F. Kaska, R.R. Rodgers, J.W. Briggs
2nd Row: W.A. Briggs, E.D. Blakeley, R.F. Mount, J.R. Coffin, C.G. Boley, A.V.I. Crable, W.C. Cook, C.M. Weiner, L.V. Howard, D.G. Caviness, M.F. Kaska
3rd Row: G.T. Bailey, C.O. Bruders, C.D. Brown, P.W. Waterhouse, A.J. Rodenmayer, W.S. Swanson, C.L. Arney, R.H. Nelson, J.W. Roland, W.A. Bogle, E.E. Beverlin