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Welcome to the Winneshiek County Autograph Book page. This page will be expanded As I get information about more Autograph books. If you have information to post please submit it to your county coordinator

Johanna Schutta Gipp's Autograph book 1891 Frankville, Iowa

Johanna Schutta Autograph Book Case provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp Johanna Schutta Autograph Book Cover provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp
Johanna Schutta Autograph Page 1 provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp Johanna Schutta Autograph Book Page 2 provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp
Johanna Schutta Autograph Book Page 3 provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp
Jan. 30, 1897

Long may you live
And happy you may be
When you get married
Will you think of me?

Think of me
Forget me not.

Your Friend, W. Orhsendorf, Sumner, Iowa

Dear Friend

When rocks and hills divide us
And you no more I see
Take pen and ink and paper
And write a line to me.

Lizzie Jahnke
Ossian, Iowa
Written in German (kindly translated by Jean Ensch)
Zum Andenken†
Fern von eitlem Schimmer†
doch an Freuden reich†
sei dein Leben immer†
einem Veilchen gleich†
Januar † † † † † † † † † †zur freundlichen†
den 14 † † † † † † † † † †Erinnerung†
† † † † † † † † † † † † † von Anna Koch†
† † † † † † † † † † † † † Iowa, Ossian†
In remembrance†
Far from vain glitter†
but rich in joys†
shall your life forever†
be like a violet†
January 14th†

In friendly memory of Anna Koch, Iowa, Ossian
Friend Hannah,

Kind words will never die.

Your Friend,
Mrs. C. H. Schroeder
Jan. 14, 1897
Cousin Hannah,

Not like the rose
My your friendship wither,
But like the evergreen

Dec. 27, 1897

Your Cousin,
Lavina Hoth
Feb. 10, 1894

Read up and down
And you will see
If you love me
Like I love you
No knife can cut
Our love in to (two)

Your cousin,
Herman Hoth
Feb. 4, 1892

Cousin Hannah,

Long may you live and
Have good times and marry
The boy that has the dimes.

Think of me.
Miss Lizzie Hoth,
Sumner, Iowa
Jan. 6, 1891

May you ever look forward†with pleasure
and backward†without regret.

Your friend,
Sophia Palas
Precious moments are
The gold dust of time.

Jan. 6, 1891.
William †G. Palas
Jan. 14, 1897

Dear Hannah,
Drink tea and think of me.
Drink†it†hot and forget me not.

Your friend,
Henry Jahnke
Ossian, Iowa, Winneshsiek
March 21, 1891

To a friend

When on distant hills you roam
And other friends are few,
Will you ever think of me
A friend who thinks of you?
Remember me ever as your friend,
Your friend,
Martha Brandt
Feb. 19, 1891

Sister Hannah

Remember me, Remember me
Far away on places where
They make know (no) more hay.

Your brother

Charley Schutta (Hoth)
Feb. 19, 1891
Fredericksburg, Iowa

Dear Cousin,

Some rite (write) for pleasure
and some†for fame,
but I simple rite (write)
To sine (sign) my name.
Truly your cousin,
Wm. F. Westpfahl
March 23, 1891

Dear Hannah,
When the golden sun is setting
And your mind with care is free
When absent friend you are thinking
Donít forget to think of me.

Your friend,
Magdalena Brandt
Jan. 14, 1897

Dear Friend,
If times are good and girls are plenty
Donít never marry until youíre twenty
Your friend,
Annie Linderbaum
Feb. 16, 1892

Dear cousin,

The album is a golden spot
In witch (which) I write forget me not.

Your cousin,
Willie Hoth
Sumner, Iowa
Jan, 9, 1891

Friend Hannah,
My love for you shall never fail
As long as the rabbit has a tail.

Your friend,
Sophia Patre
March 23, 1891

Friend Hannah

Take care of your garden
And keep them free from weeds
Still fill it with sunshine
Kind words and kind deeds

Your friend,
Maggie Brandt

Remember me.
Photo of Hanna Schutta Gipp provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp

All of the above Information has been provided by Cyndi Speltz Gipp

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