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What was New On the Winnebago County GenWeb Site?


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*Steele Anderson family album - from Michael J. Hansen (11 Apr 2011)

Cemetery Records
*Gravestone photos for Oakland cemetery have been shared by Christine Gorball (January)

Church Records
*New! First Methodist Church, Forest City, 1937 baptisms - from Christine Gorball (01 Feb 2011)
*New! First Congregational Church, Forest City, 125th Anniversary news article, church history & photo - from Christine Gorball (January)
*Current Winnebago co. churches, index was updated (January)

Misc. Biographical Records
*Biography & photo of Jacob Grimstead - from S. Ferrall (09 Apr 2011)
*2 biographies & photos of Henry C. Nelson; and added a 1953 bio & photo of Theo. Klemesrud to an earlier bio that had been previously posted for him - from S. Ferrall (January)

*Winnebago County Pharmacists (1880-1901) (October)
*Winnebago County Physicians (1896) (November)

Misc. Documents
*Posted to the Document Board - 'W.J. Taylor Wins at Corn Show', 'An Ideal Farm Home' (includes a photo) and 'Beard Contest' (includes photo) - from Christine Gorball (January)

Lookups List Updated (08 Dec 2011)

Military Records
*WWII Honor Roll updated, added additional names; photos & info. for veterans Harmes, Bohl, Sill, Mannes, Hestness & Bravick - from S. Ferrall & Ken Moen (26 Apr 2011)
*Vietnam Honor Roll updated, added Don Warmke, Hollis Thompson & Arthur Donnelly, and a photo of Vernon Okland - from S. Ferrall & Ken Moen (25 & 26 Apr 2011)
*WWII Honor Roll - several names were added to the honor roll; photos & additional information were added for veterans Myre, Hasselroth, Gibson, Donnelly, Boettcher, Erdahl, Ennen, Helmers, Moen, Potter & Harms - from Ken Moen & S. Ferrall (18 Apr 2011)
*Vietnam Honor Roll updated - photos of Dennis Michael Skogerboe were contributed by Chuck Skogerboe (07 Apr 2011)
*WWII Honor Roll - several names were added to the honor roll; photos & additional information were added for veterans Helmers, Ennen, Tapper, Limberg & Holcomb - from Ken Moen & S. Ferrall (05 & 07 Apr 2011)
Vietnam Honor Roll updated, added Robert R. Davis to the honor roll and photo & additional info. for Paul D. Carson - from Ken Moen (03/29/11)
*Vietnam Honor Roll - New! (07 Mar 2011)
*WWII Honor Roll - adding or updating the following veterans Brown, Dahlen, Fisher, Larson, Lium, Myre, Penning, Pearce, Thorland and Underwood; some have photos - from Ken Moen & S. Ferrall (January)
*Winnebago co. born soldiers who served from North Dakota in World War I, surnames Nerby, Nesheim, Newland & Olson were added - from S. Ferrall (January)

*Posted in 2011: Ames, Anderson, Arnold, Badje, Bakke, Barmore, Baumann, Beenken, Bell, Beseman, Bienert, Blennerhassett, Boeckholt, Bolstad, Borg, Bowers, Brackey, Brainerd, Brass, Brosdahl, Brown, Bruhns, Budach, Bye, Carson, Chodur, Cowell, Davis, Donnelly, Eastvold, Eisenhauer, Elman, Enderson, Espeland, Evjen, Fox, Fredrickson, Frein, Furst, Gallagher, Gambell, Gauger, Geerdes, Gorball, Grasley, Groe, Grothaus, Grothe, Grunhuvd, Gudmonson, Hadacek, Hall, Halverson, Harang, Hauge, Hays, Head, Heimdal, Heitland, Helgeson, Henderson, Hill, Hinz, Holst, Holtan, Hylland, Iverson, Janssen, Johnson, Jurgens, Katz, Keel, Kilen, Kirschbaum, Knutson, Lande, Leuwerke, Lewis, Lundstrum, Mannes, Mayland, McMillan, Monson, Moriarity, Mostrom, Murray, Nerdig, Nickson, Nuget, Okland, Olson, Osnes, Ostrander, Otterson, Pederson, Perez, Peters, Peterson, Porter, Rauk, Reynolds, Riekena, Ritter, Russ, Sanchez, Sandell, Sanden, Schisel, Senne, Shifflett, Shortenhaus, Siekmeier, Simons, Singelstad, Skinner, Skogerboe, Skuttle, Slattum, Smith, Smithe, Solyst, Sorenson, Sprau, Strickler, Sullivan, Sunde, Swanson, Syverson, Taylor, Teig, Thomas, Thompson, Thorson, Tjelts, Tollagson, Tweed, Tweeten, Vogt, Voldahl, Waringa, Warmke, Weaver, Welch, Wessels, Willert, Winter, Wise - from Deidre Badker, Connie Ellis, S. Ferrall, Christine Gorball, Kathy Lund, Ken Moen, Paul Nagy, Marilyn O'Connor & Diane M. Scott

*Kristi Kefgen is hoping someone can ID the unknown Lake Mills family, photo posted to the query board (10 Apr 2011)
*Be sure to check out the Query Board - post your own or help someone by replying to their query!!!

School Records
*New! Photos of the 1940 Forest City kindergarten class - from Christine Gorball (01 Feb 2011)
*FSHS graduates page was updated with reunion photos of the classes of 1926 & 1957 - from Christine Gorball (01 Feb 2011)
*New! Landru School No. 5, reunion photo & school history - from Christine Gorball (January)