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Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, Winnebago County


A country postoffice and station on the M. and St. L. R. R., in Newton Twp., Winnebago county, 6 miles north of Forest City, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1863, it contains a Lutheran church, and ships grain and live stock. Tel., W. U,, Population, 85. Mail, daily. J. B. Hill, postmaster. (note: also see Lelandsburgh)

Dahl, J. M., physician
Jasperson, Jasper, blacksmith
Jenks, C. F., railway and express agent
Poulson, E., general store
Ragon, D., teacher


A country postoffice in Newton Twp., Winnebago county, 13 miles north of Forest City, on the M. and St. L. Ry, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point, from whence it receives a weekly mail by stage; fare, 35 cents. Settled in 1879. John Bailey, postmaster


An incorporated village on the M. and St. L. Ry, in Winnebago county, of which it is the judicial seat, 133 miles north of Des Moines and 14 miles east of Britt. It contains Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran churches, public schools, 2 banks, flouring mills and 2 weekly newspapers, the
Winnebago Summit and the Winnebago Weekly Review. The surrounding country is
undulating prairie, and wheat, oats, hay and live stock are shipped. Land is worth from $10 to $20 per acre. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Population, 850. Mail, daily. J. W. Mahoney, postmaster.

Adron, D. W., furniture and undertaker
Alexander, Elwood, farm impts.
Ambrose, John H. T. Deputy Treasurer and County Surveyor
Ames, Ethan A., carpenter
Ames, Miss Luella, millinery
Anderson, John J. shoemaker
Anderson, J. E. and Co. (John E. Anderson), Law. Loan, Land, Abstract and Collection Office.
Anderson, Paul, flour and feed.
Anderson, Peter, tailor
Babbitt Bros. (George H. and Fred W.), dray and ice
Bahner, Richard D., harnessmaker
Barton, Myron, general store
Blennerhassett, Aremberg, druggist
Bronis, Andrew, co supt schools
Butcher, Thomas J., carpenter
Carpenter, Frank, carpenter
Chase, Ambrose R., propr. Winnebago Summit
Clark Bros and Co. (Brentner M., Duncan R. and Mrs. Rebecca A. Clark), clothing and gents' furnishings
Clark House, Hanson Ely, propr.
Clemenson, John, meat marker
Cook, Charles A., painter
Cooper, Martin, lawyer and justice
Cox, Harry, well borer
Dale, John J. painter
David, Joseph W., physician
Duffey, Miss Maggie, teacher
Durant, John, sorghum mill
Durland, Rev. John H. (Adventist)
Elder, George W., photographer
Ely, Hanson, propr. Clark House
Fallon, Mrs.J., teacher
Farlow, Lee, carpenter
Farlow, L. and Son (Leander and Frank), gunsmiths
Farlow and Perry (Frank Farlow, Commodore Perry), meat market
Fisher, Wm. H., lawyer
Forest City Cornet Band, H. C. Reed, secretary
Forest City Creamery
Franklin, W. Riley, physician
Gardner, Miss Kittie, teacher
George and Johnson (Nels George, Erick Johnson), general store
Gregg, S. K., school teacher
Hadeland, John P., watchmaker
Halvorsen, H. M. and Co. (Herbert M. and Michael C. Halvorsen), propr Winnebago Weekly Review
Hanson, Wm. O., co clerk and ins agent
Harstedt, John H., blacksmith
Haston, John, blacksmith
Hawkes, Miss Adelie, teacher
Hewett, Joseph H., physician
Holland, Andrew, saloon
Howard, Joseph E., farm impts.
Howe, Albert, saloon
Irvine, W. teacher
Isaacs, Charles, co auditor
Isaacson, John, general store
Jacobs, Thomas, grocer
Jacobson, James S., jeweler, organs and sewing machines
Jacobson, Rev. (Methodist)
Johnson, M. H. and S. F. (Mary H. and Salinda F., books, stationery and notions)
Jones, Miss Marcia, teacher
Jones and Irish (Wm. R. Jones and Harry R. Irish), physicians
Joyce, Eric J., lumber
Joyce, Miss Petra A., music teacher
Knudson, Knud, shoemaker
Koto, P. O. and Co. (Paul O. Koto, Oscar N. Olberg), drugs and stationery
Laackore, Charles H., carpenter
Larson, Lewis, meats
Lattimore, J. T. and Co. (John T. Lattimore, George A. Franklin), lawyers
Lewis, Lewis, farm impts
Lewis and Skarie, (Hiram J. Lewis, Henry M. Skarie), general store.
Lumsett and Jensen (Hans Lumsett, Rasmus P. Jensen), wagonmakers
McCaffrey, Rev. (Methodist)
Macomber, George H., express wagons
Mahoney, John W., general store
Mason, Rev. James D. (Congregational)
Miller and West (Fay Miller, Edmund A. West), saloon
Mussling, Eiline, dressmaker
Nelson, Christ L., auctioneer and lawyer
Olson and Son (John B. and Ole A.), general store
Ottersen, Ottinus, shoemaker
Palen, Wm. W., carpenter
Paulson, Jens, lumber
Peterson, Ole, flour mill
Phelps, Miss Katie, music teacher
Phelps, Wm. A., painter
Pinckney House, James Pinckney, propr.
Pinckney, James, drugs and propr. Pinckney House
Plummer, Brookins A. county treasurer
Plummer, John A., live stock
Ransom, Timothy C.. (Ransom and Olmsted), justice of the peace
Ransom and Olstead, (Timothy C. Ransom and Wm. W. Olmsted), lawyers
Salveson, Christ, teacher
Secor, Miss A. J., notions
Secor Bros., Law & Plummer (David and Eugene Secor, John Law, Brookins A. and Mary J. Plummer), bankers
Secor Bros. and Law (David and Eugene Secor, John Law), real estate
Secor, David, lawyer
Severs, Ole T., county recorder
Sivenson, Ole, flour mill
Skinner, Miss Maggie, teacher
Sogard, John, teacher
Sogard, Simon dep co auditor and teacher
Spicer, Wm., restaurant
Spofford, Frank S., harnessmaker
Steen, Ole C., tailor
Stitson and Reed, (Ernest L. Stitson, Homer C. Reed), hardware
Stowe and Hanson (Henry W. Stowe , Nelse P. Hanson), saloon
Thompson Bros. (Jasper and John F.), bankers
Thompson, John F., lawyer
Thompson, John P., barber
Thompson and Anderson, (Hans Thompson, Gustav Anderson), wagoneers
Twito, Jacob H., sheriff
Twito and Tweed (Oscar H. Twito, Thomas Tweed), farm impls
Webster, C. M., carpenter
Wells and Co. (Horace L. Wells), hardware
White, John S., station and express agent
Wickwire and Reed (D. H. Wickwire, Farnam Reed), grain, flour and feed
Winnebago Summit, A. H. Chase, propr.
Winnebago Weekly Review, H. M. Halvorsen and Co., propr.
Wright, Wm., brick mnft.


A prosperous village on the M. and St. L. Ry., in Winnebago county, 14 miles northeast of Forest City and 147 north of Des Moines. It contains a Methodist church, a public school, a steam flouring mill, a private bank, and a weekly newspaper, The Independent Herald. Grain, produce and live stock are shipped. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. Population, 500. Mail, daily. C. E. Keeler, postmaster.

Adams, Mrs. J., carpet weaver
Anderson, Andrew, justice of peace
Anderson, Sigmund L., stage line
Barnett, Joseph, propr Lake Mills house.
Bergland, Ole, jeweler
Brown, L. R., physician
Brown, Perry, grocer
Brown, Wilbur F., painter
Brown, W., constable
Burgeson, John, meat market
Chapman, Willard A., lawyer
Christensen, Eberhardt, blacksmith
Christensen, Miss Lena, teacher
Cook, David, blacksmith
Cowgill, J. shoemaker
Eckert and Williams (Oliver V. Eckert, James C. Williams), farm impts and
live stock.
Farmer, William M., veterinary surgeon
Hall, Frank C., hardware
Hauge, Lewis, teacher
Helgeson, T. J., photographer
Henderson, J. M. and Bro. (John M. and Edwin), hardware and harness
Hill, David N., woolen mill
Hull, Justin M., physician
Hull, Oliver P. propr. Independent Herald
Hutchison, L. harnessmaker
Independent Herald, O. P. Hull, propr.
Jeffrey, Rev. Joseph (Methodist)
Johnson, Benjamin H., carpenter
Johnson, Edward L., harnessmaker
Johnson, Halvor, saloon
Keeler, Dr. Charles E., drugs and groceries
Lake Mills Cornet Band, W. Wadsworth, leader
Lake Mills House, J. Barnett, propr.
Larson, William, general store
Martin, Caleb, drayman
Myre, Mrs. Lart, hotel
Nelson, Oliver, dry goods and groceries
Nerby, Levi B., drugs and notions
Olson, Eric, saloon
Osmundson, Ole, saloon
Pickering, Hartley and Harwood (Wm. E. Pickering, Walter T. Hartley, Wm. A.
Harwood), bankers, real estate, loans, complete abstracts of Worth and
Winnebago counties.
Rowell, H., grain
Rowland, George, barber
Rowland, Horace J., livery and apiarist
Sear, Ole, general store
Sears, R. W., railroad and exp. agent
Smith, N. A., jeweler
Snart, A., blacksmith
Southwick, Mrs. F. B., music teacher
Southwick and Olson (Frank B. Southwick, Louis L. Olson), general store
Stull, Fillmore, carpenter
Styne, Nels O., lumber
Swanson and Simmons (Augustus Swanson, Myron Simmons), well borers
Thomas, George, apiarist
Thompson, Eben F., teacher
Thompson, Mrs. Eben F., school teacher
Tone, Samuel, blacksmith
Toye, Scott B., prin, public schools
Wadsworth, Stanley D., sorghum mill
Westcott, Mrs. C. W., dressmaker
Wilson, John, furniture
Winslow and Conley, grist mill
Wright, Theron, carpenter
Wright, Theron E.M. carpenter


A station and village, called Benson's Grove on the railway time-tables, is on Lime Creek, and on the M. and St. L. Ry., in Forest Twp., Winnebago county, 161 miles north of Des Moines and 6 miles north of Forest City, the county seat and nearest banking point. Settled in 1881. Ships
grain, hay and produce. Population, 150. Tel,, W. U. Exp., Am. Mail, daily. John D. Leland, postmaster. (note: see Benson Grove)

Jasperson, J. , blacksmith
Jenks, C. F., Railroad and Express Agent and Fuel
Leland, John D., lawyer
Parker, D. G., feed mill and elevator
Paulson, E., general store


A postoffice in Winnebago county, six miles east of Forest City, the county seat, nearest railroad station and banking point. Population, 25. Mail, semi-weekly

-source- R. L. Polk & Co.'s Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884

-data extracted & transcribed by Sheryl McClure for the Winnebago co. IAGenWeb