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Buffalo Center Business Directory

C.A. Ahrens. Hardware.

Geo. L. Albert, Wilson Block, Buffalo Center. Being a practical shoe maker and having many years experience in the shoe trade, will be a guarantee for good work and good goods.

Buffalo Center State Bank. Oldest State Bank in County. General banking business, Farm loand, Fire and tornadoe insurance. Special attentions given to collections. G.S. Gilbertson, Pres., C.J. Thompson, V. Pres., E.E. Secor, cashier.
Board of Directors: C.H. Kelley, C.J. Thompson, G.S. Gilbertson, K.K. Hellerud, E.E. Secor.

Buffalo Mill & Power Co. We furnish the very best grades of family Flour, Corn Meal, Bran, Shorts. Everything turned out by a first class mill.

J.F. Buggy. Farm Machinery. Our line consists of goods made by Deere & Co., Deere & Mansur, J.I. Case Plow Co., Parlin & Orendorff, Morrison Mfg. Co. and Ellwood Mfg. Co.

Callanan & Johnson. We Do Undertaking, Have a Hearse. In Rockers we have a complete line. The easy rocker, the Rattan Rocker, the sewing Rocker, the wooden Rocker, the old fashioned Rocker your mother used to rock you in.

Jay Clark, Dray and Delivery Line. General draying business. Office at the Model Meat Market.

Wm. Cleveland. I wish to annouce to the public that I am now ready for business and invite you, all who are needing Farm Implements to call and examine my stock.

Gene Cook, Prop., City Livery and Feed Stable. Double or Single Rigs always in readiness. Gentle horses for ladies' use.

Mrs. F. Cooper. Nursing. I wish to state to the public that I am prepared to do nursing for the sick. Confinement cases especially solicited. Residence with Geo. Carman.

Ord Curtis, proprietor, Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing and Repairing. Shop 1st door east Walters Drug Store.

Daum & Russell, Dray and Delivery. Office at Krenz & Daum meat market. Ice delivered daily in season.

H.E. Eiel, M.D. Physician and Surgeon. Office in the Zieger Drug Store.

A. Feakins. Moline Plow Co. Farm Implements, Wind-Mills and Wagons.

First National Bank, Buffalo Center. Do a General Banking Business. P.M. Joice, president, J.F. Thompson, vice president, A.W. Winden, cashier. Board of Directors: J.F. Thompson, L.J. Wiker, J. Thompson, P.M. Joice, B.J. Thompson, A.W. Winden.

E.J. Flynn, the old reliable for Lands, Loans and Insurance. Rooms over State Bank.

M.F. Flynn. Insurance. Only the best Fire, Life and Accident Insurance represented. See me and I will save you money.

J.J. Guyer, Agt. The Queal Lumber Co. - Lumber and Coal.

Hofius & Wilson. Our Gocery Stock is always complete, clean and fresh and selling at the right prices. Ladies, mens, boys and misses shoes. We have everything you need in the Rubber Goods line. Crockery.

Jacob Hum, Agt. Champion Binders and Mowers.

Krenz & Daum, props. The City Meat Market. Fresh and salted meats, shoulders, hams, fish and poultry. Highest prices for hides.

The Needle and the Hook, fitted with bicycle ball bearings - the lightest running sewing machine in the world. For sale by G.K. Lien, Buffalo Center.

P.E. Lyon, agent, Northern Lumber Co.

W.H. Mark, The Auctioneer. Home from his North Dakota trip and ready to cry sales at his popular terms. Buffalo Center.

G.W. Myer, Carriage and Wagon Maker. All kinds of repair work a specialty. Shop in connection with Ben Newby's blacksmith shop.

John F. Russ, M.D. Office at Residence. Calls promptly attended to, day or night.

R.J. Olson & Co. Dry Goods, Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Caps, Shoes and Groceries.

Pannukuk & Juel, props, The Model Meat Market. Headquarters for the best Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton and all seasonable goods. Try our lard.

Phelps Drug Co. Having purchased the interest of A. Cornell & Co. and H.G. Gardner and consolidated them, we now have the largest and most complete stock in Winnebago Co. of drugs, paints, oils, wall paper.

Gustav Raake. My store is full of horse equipments - halters, collars, whips, combs, brushes. We do all kinds of repairing.

Lewis Roberts, Tonsorial Artist. Soft water baths. Shop in rear of First National Bank.

M.O. Skutle. The New Store opens the New Year with a great Clearing Sale. Our grocery department is full of up-to-date new goods. Beals & Torrey Shoes. Mens' clay worsted and fancy worsted suits.

Slaba & Wagner, Pioneer Hardware Merchants. Cooking and heating stoves, hardeware, nails, rope, tinware, oils, paints, robes, harness repairing, pumps and mills.

John Tegland, proprietor. City Billiard Hall. Cigars, Tobacco, Billiards, All kinds of temperance drinks.

J.S. Varland Land Company. Office over 1st National Bank.

Westenhaver Brothers. Groceries, Shoes, Mens and Childrens Clothing, Underwear, White Goods, Domestics, Hats, Notions &c

E.M. Wilson, publisher Buffalo Center Globe.

E.C. Young, & Co., Draying and Delivering. Office with Northern Lumber Co.

The Zieger Drug Co. Carries a full line of Window Shades, Wall Paper, Stationary and Toilet Articles. Also Machine oils, varnishes, brushes and all articles found in a first-class drug store.


~Buffalo Center Globe, 1899 issues
~transcribed by S. Ferrall for the Winnebago co. IAGenWeb