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1921 - 1925 Messenger

Provided by Webster County Genies

Webster County Genealogical Society

This work is the result of indexing all the known, bound copies of newspapers found in the Fort Dodge area. A number of these newspapers are not microfilmed. Below are the codes we used and on the following pages are the dates and name of newspaper indexed.

A.	Adoption
B.	Birth
C.	Anniversary, Birthday Celebration
D.	Death-Funeral
E.	Engaged to marry
F.	Family event, Marriage, Gathering, death, etc.
G.	Guardianship
H.	Homestead
I.	Illness or Injury
L.	Land Record
M.	Marriage
N.	Naturalization
P.  Picture
R	Reunion
S	Special event, Accidents, Inventions, Histories, & etc.
T	Travel-had visitors from afar or traveled themselves
V	Divorce or “left Bed and Board”
W	Wills & Estates
X	Relating to the military Service
Y	Yesterday or 25 Years ago.

Name—First Column; Second Column—page number; Third Column---Code: Fourth Column---Date of Paper
Please read the full page, as we often found the event mentioned more than once.
Researched by Webster County Genealogical Society

1921 Messenger
1922 Messenger
1923 Messenger
1924 Messenger
1925 Messenger

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