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Korean War Casualties from Iowa

Last First Rank Branch State Home Date Cat
Abbott Charles L Pvt Army Iowa Scott 20-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Adkisson Forrest D Cpl Army Iowa Black Hawk 5-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Agan Alfred Hiram Capt Marines Iowa Carterville 20-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Albaugh Paul Pvt Army Iowa Linn 24-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Alitz Charlie R PFC Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 2-Dec-51 Killed In Action
Allie Richard O PFC Army Iowa Polk 1-Feb-53 Died While Missing
Almonrode Clifton Leon Cpl Marines Iowa Stet 8-Dec-51 Died Of Wounds
Anderson Duane W PFC Army Iowa Pottawattamie 6-Nov-51 Died While Missing
Andresen James R PFC Army Iowa Clinton 16-Oct-51 Died Of Wounds
Archer Ronald Royce PFC Marines Iowa Council Bluffs 28-May-52 Died Of Wounds
Arvidson Keith L Pvt Army Iowa Poweshiek 5-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Auen Monte M PFC Army Iowa Sac 14-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Austin Wayne D PFC Army Iowa Poweshiek 12-Feb-51 Died While Missing
Baas Henry R 2Lt Air Force Iowa Oskaloosa 14-Dec-51 Died While Missing
Bailey Bert G Pvt Army Iowa Polk 21-Jun-52 Killed In Action
Bailey Henry M PFC Army Iowa Montgomery 2-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Baker Charles B PFC Army Iowa Des Moines 20-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Ballou Howard L Cpl Army Iowa Audubon 28-May-53 Killed In Action
Bancroft Arthur Richard 1Lt Marines Iowa Hillsboro 29-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Barks Francis B Pvt Army Iowa Wapello 8-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Barnes Keith W PFC Army Iowa Wapello 2-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Baughman Donald E PFC Army Iowa Warren 19-Sep-52 Killed In Action
Baxter Donald T Cpl Army Iowa Allamakee 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Beagles John David Ftc Navy Iowa Charles City 26-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Beavers Harold R Capt Army Iowa Taylor 21-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Bechtel Donald K PFC Army Iowa Boone 1-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Beck Robert C Pvt Army Iowa Clayton 16-Nov-52 Killed In Action
Beek Eldert J Cpl Army Iowa Osceola 1-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Beelman Thomas L PFC Army Iowa Lee 12-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Beggs John E PFC Army Iowa Emmet 30-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Bell Thomas F PFC Army Iowa Des Moines 18-May-51 Killed In Action
Bernal Natibidad Pvt Army Iowa Scott 18-May-51 Killed In Action
Billick Joseph C Cpl Army Iowa Linn 18-May-51 Died While Missing
Birt Walter L PFC Marines Iowa Council Bluffs 2-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Bloodsworth Clarence PFC Army Iowa Polk 11-Jun-53 Died While Missing
Bolden George E PFC Army Iowa Polk 28-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Boody Clem R PFC Army Iowa Buchanan 2-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Botts Sidney J Sgt Army Iowa Montgomery 15-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Boucher John G MSgt Army Iowa Jasper 18-May-51 Killed In Action
Boyd Hugh Walter PFC Marines Iowa Longtree 17-May-51 Killed In Action
Brant James E Pvt Army Iowa Jasper 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Bricker George SFC Army Iowa Monroe 13-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Brodie John William PFC Marines Iowa LeMars 27-May-51 Died Of Wounds
Brower William J PFC Army Iowa Lyon 27-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Brown Nelson Marian Msgt Air Force Iowa Ellston 28-Feb-54 Died While Missing
Burmeister Duane J Cpl Army Iowa Linn 19-May-53 Killed In Action
Burnaugh Thomas Gene PFC Marines Iowa Ottumwa 24-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Butler Paul L Pvt Army Iowa Taylor 25-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Cahalan Daniel E Cpl Army Iowa Cerro Cordo 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Caldwell Donald D Cpl Army Iowa Buchanan 9-Oct-50 Killed In Action
Callahan Jack W PFC Army Iowa Johnson 7-Sep-51 Died While Missing
Calvin Harvey E Pvt Army Iowa Union 2-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Campbell Forrest R Cpl Army Iowa Delaware 19-May-51 Killed In Action
Carman Lyle H PFC Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 12-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Carman Royal G Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 2-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Carnahan Harold L Pvt Army Iowa Wapello 22-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Carney James R Cpl Army Iowa Story 27-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Carr Paul E PFC Army Iowa Polk 27-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Carrington Bruce Linn Fa Navy Iowa Smithland 12-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Carson Vernon C Pvt Army Iowa Harrison 15-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Carstensen Robert Pvt Army Iowa Jones 3-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Cataldo Frank Nick Fn Navy Iowa Des Moines 17-Apr-53 Killed In Action
Cavil John C PFC Army Iowa Polk 28-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Chapman Raymond Curtis Hn Navy Iowa Holestein 7-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Chapman Raymond B Cpl Army Iowa Louisa 15-Feb-51 Died Of Wounds
Cherry Robert Lionel Capt Air Force Iowa Ottumwa 31-Dec-53 Died While Missing
Chidester Gilbert PFC Army Iowa Jasper 14-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Christiansen Donald Richa Cpl Marines Iowa Oskaloosa 12-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Clapper Francis I PFC Army Iowa Fremont 26-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Clark Virgil D PFC Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 2-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Clark Larry L SSgt Marines Iowa Marshalltown 27-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Clark James R Cpl Army Iowa Jasper 28-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Clark Arthur Leroy Cpl Marines Iowa Waterloo 24-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Claus Carl J Cpl Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 5-Jun-52 Died Of Wounds
Cline Harold H Pvt Army Iowa Poweshiek 12-Jun-52 Killed In Action
Clymer Merle Delmar PFC Marines Iowa Lytton 6-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Coffman Robert M MSgt Army Iowa Webster 30-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Collins Charles E PFC Army Iowa Marshall 22-May-52 Killed In Action
Conger Jack G Cpl Army Iowa Appanoose 29-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Connell John M Cpl Army Iowa Clayton 3-May-52 Killed In Action
Connett Donald C Pvt Army Iowa Polk 12-Jan-52 Died While Missing
Connolly Gerald J Cpl Marines Iowa Council Bluffs 3-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Cook Charles J Pvt Army Iowa Crawford 9-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Cook Maurice E Pvt Army Iowa Black Hawk 4-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Cooper Billy Gene Hm1 Navy Iowa Council Bluffs 14-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Cory Robert R Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 6-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Coulter Phillip W PFC Army Iowa Carroll 17-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Crain David R PFC Army Iowa Johnson 17-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Crandall Franklin Lavon Cpl Marines Iowa Iowa City 28-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Crane Robert L Pvt Army Iowa Pottawattamie 6-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Crawford Harold E PFC Army Iowa Jefferson 27-Jul-50 Died While Missing
Creagan Patrick H PFC Army Iowa Appanoose 3-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Cunningham William Pvt Army Iowa Greene 17-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Daggett Harlan R PFC Army Iowa Polk 8-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Dahl Arlen C PFC Army Iowa Hardin 17-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Dalen Robert L Pvt Army Iowa Clayton 2-Feb-53 Killed In Action
Daniels Paul M Sgt Army Iowa Mahaska 2-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Davenport Kenneth Pvt Army Iowa Ringgold 22-Jan-53 Killed In Action
Davidson Edward E Pvt Army Iowa Polk 2-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Davis Edward J Cpl Army Iowa Wapello 18-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Davis Ramon Roderick Capt Air Force Iowa Ames 31-Mar-54 Died While Missing
Decker Forest D Sgt Army Iowa Polk 19-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Decker Lee D PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Devilbiss Leroy L PFC Army Iowa Guthrie 7-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Dewitt Donald B PFC Army Iowa Mahaska 5-Apr-52 Killed In Action
Diekmann Lester H Cpl Army Iowa Bremer 5-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Dinwiddie Frank D Pvt Army Iowa Lee 2-Sep-50 Died Of Wounds
Dockum Leland E Cpl Army Iowa Lee 27-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Dostart Charles J PFC Army Iowa Floyd 29-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Dummermuth Robert Cpl Army Iowa Fayette 10-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Dyer Bobby L Cpl Army Iowa Polk 18-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Dykes Wayne Arthur SSgt Marines Iowa Davenport 27-May-52 Killed In Action
Eckels Herron M PFC Army Iowa Clarke 12-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Edgar Kenneth R Pvt Army Iowa Woodbury 17-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Edwards Junior D SFC Army Iowa Warren 2-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Eggenburg Vernon A SFC Army Iowa Johnson 9-Mar-51 Killed In Action
Eisenman Daryl K Pvt Army Iowa Hancock 8-Aug-52 Killed In Action
Ellsworth Charles PFC Army Iowa Wayne 5-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Emehiser Delbert D PFC Army Iowa Dallas 20-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Enright Robert Eugene PFC Marines Iowa Winterset 25-Jan-52 Killed In Action
Erickson Harold L PFC Army Iowa Story 7-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Ewing Harry W PFC Army Iowa Keokuk 3-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Faber Gerald A Pvt Army Iowa Louisa 5-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Fallon Richard L Pvt Army Iowa Webster 22-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Fare Kenneth Wayne Cpl Marines Iowa West Amana 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Feany Victor E Cpl Marines Iowa Dakota City 28-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Ferguson Marvin D PFC Marines Iowa Vinton 24-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Filloon Richard D PFC Army Iowa Pocahontas 13-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Fisher Ronald J Pvt Army Iowa Marshall 27-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Fisher William H PFC Army Iowa Webster 2-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Forbes Donald Wayne PFC Marines Iowa Nevada 29-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Ford Kenneth E PFC Army Iowa Monroe 2-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Fordyce Ralph W Pvt Army Iowa Polk 16-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Fosnaugh Delbert J Cpl Army Iowa Kossuth 6-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Foster Harold E Pvt Army Iowa Appanoose 17-Apr-53 Killed In Action
Fountain Robert Steven PFC Marines Iowa Logan 24-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Frame Donald Paul Ltc Marines Iowa Council Bluffs 4-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Fredericksen Joyce MSgt Army Iowa Emmet 29-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Freeman John H Cpl Army Iowa Buena Vista 5-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Freeman Robert A PFC Army Iowa Union 19-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Frick Leroy Arnold Sgt Marines Iowa Durant 20-Aug-52 Killed In Action
Fuller Robert L PFC Army Iowa Linn 25-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Funkhouser Marvin Sgt Army Iowa Mitchell 18-May-51 Died While Captured
Garman Donald E PFC Marines Iowa Burlington 20-Oct-53 Killed In Action
Garman George D Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 30-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Garrett William F PFC Army Iowa Franklin 12-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Gath Edward E PFC Army Iowa Dickinson 5-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Gertsen Robert H Pvt Army Iowa Story 1-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Gibson Garrett F Pvt Army Iowa Decatur 21-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Gibson Hal T 1Lt Army Iowa Polk 3-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Glasgow Ralph N PFC Army Iowa Van Buren 22-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Glassgow Jonas W 2Lt Army Iowa Linn 28-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Goforth Dean R Cpl Army Iowa Taylor 20-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Goss Frederick Charles Cpl Marines Iowa Garnavillo 27-Oct-50 Killed In Action
Green John M Cpl Army Iowa Boone 23-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Greenfield Larry O PFC Army Iowa Jefferson 14-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Gries Ralph Henry Cpl Marines Iowa Onawa 25-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Griese Robert R PFC Army Iowa Polk 30-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Griess Alfred A PFC Army Iowa Linn 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Gustafson Dale R SFC Army Iowa Monona 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Hackbarth Darreld D PFC Marines Iowa Dows 26-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Halferty Donald L Pvt Army Iowa Lucas 6-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Halverson Donald E 1Lt Army Iowa Woodbury 8-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Hane Lloyd L Cpl Army Iowa Greene 3-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Hansen Robert M Capt Army Iowa Muscatine 6-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Hansen George Herman 1Lt Air Force Iowa Davenport 4-May-52 Died While Missing
Hansen Darrell J 2Lt Army Iowa Muscatine 16-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Hansen Dan H Pvt Army Iowa Woodbury 11-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Hanson Leroy E Sgt Army Iowa Adair 11-Aug-50 Died Of Wounds
Hanson Robert James PFC Marines Iowa Cedar Rapids 26-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Hanson William W SFC Army Iowa Winnebago 13-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Harbour Ronald E Pvt Army Iowa Jasper 20-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Harman Richard C PFC Army Iowa Fremont 5-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Harms Garriet A PFC Army Iowa Jones 9-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Harper Everette C Pvt Army Iowa Muscatine 16-Jul-52 Killed In Action
Harrell James A Cpl Army Iowa Madison 4-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Harriott Forrest D PFC Army Iowa Cerro Cordo 8-Aug-50 Died Of Wounds
Hartson Harold L PFC Army Iowa Clinton 27-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Hartwig Ross Alvin Cpl Marines Iowa Marshaltown 9-Feb-52 Killed In Action
Harvey Norman Fay PFC Marines Iowa Waterloo 23-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Hatchitt John Willis 1Lt Air Force Iowa Davenport 4-Feb-52 Died While Missing
Hatfield Theodore Leroy PFC Marines Iowa Des Moines 31-May-51 Killed In Action
Healy Robert C PFC Marines Iowa Dubuque 7-Jul-52 Killed In Action
Heither Gerald G Cpl Army Iowa Davis 29-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Henderson Richard Ray Cpl Marines Iowa Des Moines 30-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Hepler Raymond L PFC Marines Iowa Prescott 6-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Hickman Gerald E Sgt Army Iowa Warren 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Hicks James E Cpl Army Iowa Scott 25-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Hills Chester E PFC Army Iowa Des Moines 17-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Hinton William Joseph PFC Marines Iowa Iowa Falls 3-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Hodge Charles J PFC Army Iowa Hardin 10-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Hodson Ralph L PFC Army Iowa Dallas 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Hoenes John Thomas SSgt Marines Iowa Keokuk 26-Aug-52 Killed In Action
Hoeppner Raymond T PFC Army Iowa Webster 4-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Hoffman Richard E Cpl Army Iowa Scott 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Hofmeyer Gerald D Pvt Army Iowa Sioux 29-May-53 Killed In Action
Holcom William Lee 1Lt Air Force Iowa Cedar Rapids 31-Dec-53 Died While Missing
Holland Wayne R Pvt Army Iowa Story 15-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Holland Dean M Cpl Army Iowa Winnebago 11-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Hollingsworth Dale 1Lt Army Iowa Guthrie 23-May-51 Killed In Action
Holly Ralph R Cpl Army Iowa Pottawattamie 15-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Holmes John E Pvt Army Iowa Webster 8-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Holmes Richard D PFC Army Iowa Page 16-May-53 Killed In Action
Honea Charles H PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Hopper Charles T 1Lt Army Iowa Woodbury 14-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Hoschler Stephen Vincent Qm1 Navy Iowa Akron 2-Feb-51 Killed In Action
House Russel J Cpl Marines Iowa Nevada 18-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Houston James L PFC Army Iowa Crawford 14-Feb-51 Died While Missing
Hove Alfred O Sfc Army Iowa Worth 1-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Hovel John Cpl Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 13-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Hovey Glenn A PFC Army Iowa Howard 1-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Howe James W Cpl Army Iowa Appanoose 22-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Huff Grange W PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 21-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Hughes Norman R PFC Marines Iowa Waterloo 26-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Hulzebos Jans H Cpl Army Iowa Osceola 24-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Hutton Herbert H PFC Army Iowa Linn 27-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Hutton Richard E PFC Army Iowa Polk 9-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Imber John P 1Lt Army Iowa Mills 3-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Jackson Lawrence Pvt Army Iowa Polk 1-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Jacobs Lloyd W Pvt Army Iowa Polk 23-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Jarnagin J D Pvt Army Iowa Polk 22-Apr-51 Died While Missing
Jensen Roy L PFC Army Iowa Jasper 10-Nov-52 Killed In Action
Jensen Paul T PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 27-Jul-50 Died While Missing
Jessen Marvin D PFC Army Iowa Audubon 4-Oct-51 Died Of Wounds
Jobe Vernon D Cpl Army Iowa Lee 1-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Johnson Irving D PFC Army Iowa Buena Vista 2-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Johnson Mearl E Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 23-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Johnson Merlyn PFC Marines Iowa Cherokee 5-Sep-52 Killed In Action
Johnson Richard M Cpl Army Iowa Hardin 6-Dec-51 Killed In Action
Johnston George Pvt Army Iowa Wapello 25-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Jones Anthony J Pvt Army Iowa Wright 22-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Jones Donald J Sgt Army Iowa Crawford 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Jones Eugene Pvt Army Iowa Buchanan 14-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Jones Frank L PFC Army Iowa Lee 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Jones Glen Irving PFC Marines Iowa Des Moines 19-Feb-52 Killed In Action
Jorgensen Dale E PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 8-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Kadlec Robert C PFC Army Iowa Linn 3-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Kafer Paul M Cpl Army Iowa Clayton 16-Feb-51 Died Of Wounds
Kahl Leonard J PFC Army Iowa Mills 4-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Kamm Oliver W PFC Marines Iowa Sioux City 27-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Keiran Harold A Pvt Army Iowa Polk 12-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Kelley Frank H PFC Army Iowa Keokuk 17-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Kenneally Edward D PFC Army Iowa Clayton 27-Mar-51 Killed In Action
Kepford Joseph Clarence Capt Air Force Iowa Des Moines 31-Mar-54 Died While Missing
Kile Richard A Pvt Army Iowa Polk 25-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Kirton Roy R PFC Army Iowa Marion 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Kline Charles W PFC Army Iowa Scott 30-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Kolbe Delos G PFC Army Iowa Hardin 15-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Koller Robert E Sgt Army Iowa Cerro Cordo 9-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Kolthoff Raymond H Pvt Army Iowa Hardin 27-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Kreider Leighton G Cpl Army Iowa Floyd 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Krumm Robert Mitchell Capt Air Force Iowa Cedar Rapids 28-Feb-54 Died While Missing
Kueny Robert Albert PFC Marines Iowa Danbury 29-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Kuester Marylyn D PFC Marines Iowa Luzerne 15-Sep-50 Died Of Wounds
Kuhlman William F PFC Army Iowa Jackson 17-Mar-53 Died Of Wounds
Kunc George H PFC Army Iowa Marshall 19-Sep-51 Killed In Action
LaSuer Will C Pvt Army Iowa Jasper 5-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Langlas Ervin W Cpl Marines Iowa Marengo 25-Mar-52 Killed In Action
Lanken Walter J Cpl Army Iowa Hamilton 19-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Larsen James M T Pfc Army Iowa Cass 29-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Lass Dean W Pvt Army Iowa Boone 28-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Laughlin William Cpl Marines Iowa Osage 24-Jul-52 Killed In Action
LeMatty Donald G PFC Army Iowa Lee 14-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Lee Donald D PFC Army Iowa Page 10-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Lee Willie PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 4-Aug-51 Died While Missing
Leeper Offie L 1Lt Army Iowa Decatur 2-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Lehnus Kenneth Oliver PFC Marines Iowa Rolfe 14-Dec-51 Killed In Action
Leinen Matt P PFC Army Iowa Shelby 1-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Lewis Gordon P SFC Army Iowa Marshall 18-May-51 Killed In Action
Lewis Billie E Cpl Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 10-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Lienemann Virgil Bernard Sgt Marines Iowa Van Meter 10-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Limberg Herman L Sgt Army Iowa Hancock 29-May-53 Killed In Action
Linnenkamp John Raymond 2Lt Marines Iowa Harper 21-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Logue Lloyd A PFC Army Iowa Cass 13-Feb-51 Died While Missing
Loomer Richard Charles Ens Navy Iowa Mason City 21-Apr-54 Died While Missing
Looney Harold W Pvt Army Iowa Johnson 22-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Lord Roy Byron PFC Marines Iowa Marshalltown 6-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Lottman Harley J Pvt Army Iowa Lyon 5-Nov-51 Died While Missing
Lowman Lyle L PFC Army Iowa Palo Alto 23-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Luedke Gordon Willys Sgt Marines Iowa Primghar 25-Apr-52 Killed In Action
Markland Wallace K PFC Army Iowa Benton 24-May-51 Killed In Action
Marshall Jack E PFC Army Iowa Ringgold 2-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Martens Wayne N PFC Army Iowa Madison 21-Sep-52 Killed In Action
Martin Robert V Pvt Army Iowa Polk 18-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Martin Edward J Cpl Army Iowa Page 18-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Martin Alfred J Cpl Army Iowa Black Hawk 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Mathews Lionel Eric Hm3 Navy Iowa Des Moines 25-Jan-52 Killed In Action
Mathre Albert K Capt Army Iowa Black Hawk 18-May-51 Killed In Action
Matthess Richard R PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 4-Apr-51 Died Of Wounds
May Donald L PFC Marines Iowa Eldora 12-Jun-51 Killed In Action
May Robert L Cpl Army Iowa Hardin 4-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Mc Aughan Philip D Cpl Army Iowa Black Hawk 2-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Mc Cash Stuart Capt Army Iowa Davis 14-Dec-51 Killed In Action
Mc Cullough Robert Pvt Army Iowa Polk 12-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Mc Dole Richard C SFC Army Iowa Polk 27-May-51 Killed In Action
Mc Donald Velton R PFC Army Iowa Decatur 8-Jul-53 Died While Missing
Mc Donald Warren B MSgt Army Iowa Tama 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Mc Kenna Richard J Pvt Army Iowa Dubuque 20-Jul-51 Died While Missing
Mc Kinstry Richard 1lt Army Iowa Black Hawk 7-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Mc Mahon Dwight D PFC Army Iowa Fremont 26-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Mc Mullan Patrick 1Lt Army Iowa Boone 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
McGee Robert Lee PFC Marines Iowa Greene 8-Jan-53 Killed In Action
McKeever Merlin Martin PFC Marines Iowa Morning Sun 31-Aug-52 Killed In Action
McNulty Russell Fabian Cpl Marines Iowa West Union 1-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Mehmen Edward H Sgt Army Iowa Floyd 13-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Meier George H Pvt Army Iowa Benton 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Mellinger Cecil George PFC Marines Iowa Burlington 19-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Meyers Harold N Emp3 Navy Iowa Missouri Valley 12-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Meyers Wayne A PFC Army Iowa Tama 12-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Milburn Gilbert D PFC Army Iowa Pottawattamie 5-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Miller Joseph Roth PFC Marines Iowa Des Moines 28-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Miller Lowell L Sgt Army Iowa Buena Vista 24-May-51 Killed In Action
Miller Wesley Dale Cpl Marines Iowa Des Moines 9-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Mitchell Frank R Sgt Army Iowa Linn 28-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Mooney Gordon Wayne Cpl Marines Iowa Waterloo 4-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Mooney James William Cpl Marines Iowa Davenport 14-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Mowry Harve C PFC Army Iowa Pottawattamie 19-May-51 Killed In Action
Murray Luther E PFC Army Iowa Polk 22-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Musick George SFC Army Iowa Lucas 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Nabholz Vincent L Pvt Army Iowa Black Hawk 14-Feb-51 Died Of Wounds
Nass Harold C Pvt Army Iowa Tama 10-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Neal Frank A Pvt Army Iowa Hamilton 28-Jul-50 Died While Missing
Nelson Sam Pvt Army Iowa Humboldt 18-May-51 Died While Captured
Nelson Wilmont A PFC Army Iowa Mahaska 11-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Nesbit Cecil E PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 16-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Nicewanner Wayne Cpl Army Iowa Louisa 13-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Nichols James Lorence Sgt Air Force Iowa Knoxville 20-Nov-53 Died While Missing
Niemann Robert C 2Lt Army Iowa Bremer 5-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Noehren Donald D Cpl Army Iowa Shelby 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Norton Paul R Sgt Army Iowa Henry 26-Jun-52 Killed In Action
Nye Walter R Pvt Army Iowa Wapello 31-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Odell Jimmie L PFC Marines Iowa Shenandoah 6-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Odenbaugh Thomas D 1Lt Marines Iowa Ottumwa 2-Dec-53 Killed In Action
Offerdahl Edward G Pvt Army Iowa Plymouth 29-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Oleson Allen K Cpl Army Iowa Winnebago 24-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Olsen William E Cpl Army Iowa Scott 21-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Olson Allan James 1Lt Air Force Iowa Clermont 8-Oct-52 Died While Missing
Olson Harold B PFC Army Iowa Polk 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Osterkamp Donald E Cpl Army Iowa Scott 21-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Parker Jerry W Sgt Army Iowa Hancock 26-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Paul Lawrence E Capt Air Force Iowa Iowa City 14-Jan-51 Killed In Action
Peach Earl F Sgt Marines Iowa Unknown 11-Mar-50 Killed In Action
Pendarvis Everett Sgt Army Iowa Polk 20-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Peres Ernest H Pvt Army Iowa Mills 11-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Perry William C 1Lt Army Iowa Linn 14-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Person Alfred M SFC Army Iowa Woodbury 22-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Petersen Dean H Pvt Army Iowa Clinton 7-Sep-51 Died While Missing
Peterson Ronald D PFC Army Iowa Clay 13-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Phipps Harry C PFC Army Iowa Marshall 12-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Piersee Howard E PFC Army Iowa Keokuk 4-Sep-50 Died While Captured
Pilmer William T PFC Army Iowa Warren 2-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Place Duane Clinton PFC Marines Iowa Waterloo 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Price Richard L Sgt Army Iowa Black Hawk 13-Jun-52 Killed In Action
Price Richard M 2Lt Army Iowa Clinton 25-Mar-53 Died While Missing
Proctor Donald Wayne Sgt Marines Iowa Burlington 27-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Pryne Harvey E PFC Army Iowa Polk 20-May-51 Killed In Action
Puck Virgil L PFC Army Iowa Scott 10-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Puffer Joseph Louis PFC Marines Iowa Cresco 19-Aug-52 Killed In Action
Pulver Olaf P PFC Army Iowa Delaware 19-Feb-51 Died Of Wounds
Radeke Kenneth C Pvt Army Iowa Linn 12-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Reagan Leland O Sgt Army Iowa Black Hawk 27-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Reeves Daryl D Pvt Army Iowa Guthrie 14-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Reid Lyle E PFC Army Iowa Pottawattamie 23-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Reilly Edmund Hubert PFC Marines Iowa Center Point 2-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Renander Lloyd D PFC Army Iowa Montgomery 8-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Rethmeier Morris L Pvt Army Iowa Jasper 7-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Reuter Harlan R PFC Army Iowa Dubuque 10-Nov-51 Died While Missing
Reynolds Edward R PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 3-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Rice Jimmy M Cpl Army Iowa Warren 30-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Richardson Marlin 1Lt Army Iowa Mills 28-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Richardson Wayne L Pvt Army Iowa Page 18-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Ricklefs Charles Edward SA Navy Iowa Cedar Rapids 15-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Rider Richard Glenn Lt Navy Iowa Des Moines 8-Jan-54 Died While Missing
Rinard Harold L MSgt Army Iowa Polk 15-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Rivedal Arnold David 1Lt Air Force Iowa Mason City 8-May-52 Died While Missing
Roach James Jerome PFC Marines Iowa Mason City 9-May-52 Killed In Action
Roach Wendell E Pvt Army Iowa Mahaska 26-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Roadenizer Harold S PFC Marines Iowa Colo 15-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Robinson Robert R PFC Army Iowa Scott 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Rochester Duane F Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 2-Jul-52 Died Of Wounds
Roese Paul Pvt Army Iowa Calhoun 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Rohrbaugh Jim L PFC Army Iowa Clay 20-Sep-52 Killed In Action
Rothlauf Donald G Cpl Army Iowa Des Moines 28-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Rowe Elmer A Cpl Army Iowa Jasper 12-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Rowland Raymond F Pvt Army Iowa Clinton 20-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Rutliff Jessie W Pvt Army Iowa Appanoose 22-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Ryan Clifford L MSgt Army Iowa Muscatine 1-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Sample Harold N PFC Army Iowa Polk 26-Nov-50 Died Of Wounds
Sample William B Pvt Army Iowa Polk 27-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Sand Hans R PFC Army Iowa Carroll 1-Dec-50 Died While Missing
Sardeson Arnold L PFC Army Iowa Sioux 1-May-53 Killed In Action
Satterlee Freeman PFC Army Iowa Crawford 14-May-52 Died While Missing
Saunders John E Pvt Army Iowa Pottawattamie 16-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Savery Paul Lloyd PFC Marines Iowa Missouri Valley 24-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Scalf Garland R PFC Army Iowa Jefferson 5-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Schaefer George J Pvt Army Iowa Washington 14-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Schaffer Gaylord L Cpl Marines Iowa Des Moines 4-Dec-53 Killed In Action
Schaffer Clark D PFC Army Iowa Adams 12-Mar-52 Killed In Action
Schenk Everett D PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 9-Jul-53 Died While Missing
Scheper Leonard Cpl Army Iowa Scott 26-Jun-52 Killed In Action
Scherdin Hubert C Pvt Army Iowa Cass 23-Apr-51 Died While Captured
Schmelzer Raymond Pvt Army Iowa Muscatine 24-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Schmid Eugene O SFC Army Iowa Dubuque 9-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Schmidt Duane C Cpl Army Iowa Woodbury 1-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Schmitt Warren Wendolem A1c Air Force Iowa Dubuque 9-Nov-53 Died While Missing
Schriever Elmer H Pvt Army Iowa Hardin 10-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Schrobilgen John C PFC Army Iowa Dubuque 7-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Schulz Walter M PFC Army Iowa Chickasaw 31-Oct-52 Killed In Action
Schulze Paul E PFC Army Iowa Guthrie 17-Jul-52 Died While Missing
Schuster Merlin N PFC Army Iowa Dubuque 13-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Scott Conrad W PFC Marines Iowa Newton 26-Feb-54 Killed In Action
Scott Lester W Pvt Army Iowa Decatur 7-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Seitzinger Bernard K Maj Air Force Iowa Brighton 28-Nov-51 Died While Missing
Sevening William B Cpl Army Iowa Benton 6-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Shaner Richard L Cpl Army Iowa Muscatine 13-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Sharp William W Pvt Army Iowa Pocahontas 6-Jul-53 Died Of Wounds
Shelquist Harry SSgt Marines Iowa Albia 7-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Shelton Lyle R PFC Army Iowa Lucas 26-Nov-50 Died Of Wounds
Sherwood Francis E Pvt Army Iowa Lee 6-Aug-51 Killed In Action
Shuck Howard R Sgt Army Iowa Woodbury 1-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Simpson Grant W Capt Air Force Iowa Des Moines 10-Jul-51 Died While Captured
Smith Laverne N Pvt Army Iowa Butler 16-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Smith James H Pvt Army Iowa Winnebago 26-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Smith Gerald George Fn Navy Iowa Charles City 9-Jul-51 Died While Missing
Smith Duane W PFC Army Iowa Tama 4-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Smith David R Pvt Army Iowa Harrison 15-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Smith Claude R PFC Army Iowa Polk 20-Nov-52 Killed In Action
Smith Chadwick Boyd 1Lt Air Force Iowa Story City 15-Jun-54 Died While Missing
Smith Anthony Keemon Hm3 Navy Iowa Matherville 9-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Sobehart Argene J PFC Army Iowa Linn 2-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Sommers Jerry W Pvt Army Iowa Lee 17-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Spaid William C Cpl Army Iowa Story 1-May-53 Died Of Wounds
Spitzer Everett W PFC Army Iowa Buena Vista 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Spoon Manuel J SFC Army Iowa Lucas 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Spooner Philip A Cpl Army Iowa Harrison 22-Apr-52 Killed In Action
Spooner Glen L PFC Army Iowa Black Hawk 12-Jul-50 Killed In Action
StOnge Narcisse D SFC Army Iowa Woodbury 2-Sep-50 Died While Missing
Stangl William E Pvt Army Iowa Dubuque 16-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Stedman Daniel A PFC Army Iowa Adair 12-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Steele Clyde D PFC Army Iowa Floyd 19-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Stevenson Kenneth Sgt Army Iowa Scott 27-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Stigge Lawrence H Cpl Army Iowa Louisa 25-Nov-51 Killed In Action
Stiles Earl C Cpl Army Iowa Pottawattamie 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Stirm Ellwood C PFC Army Iowa Black Hawk 14-Feb-51 Killed In Action
Story Donald R PFC Army Iowa Poweshiek 16-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Strong Dale H PFC Army Iowa Johnson 2-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Stump Donald P Cpl Army Iowa Dallas 22-Jul-52 Killed In Action
Sullivan Harold J PFC Army Iowa Dubuque 2-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Sullivan Louis Gene Cpl Marines Iowa Malvern 20-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Summy James D Sgt Army Iowa Polk 10-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Sund Roland V 1Lt Army Iowa Scott 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Swisher Edward Deane PFC Marines Iowa Des Moines 29-Sep-50 Died Of Wounds
Syndergaard Robert PFC Army Iowa Buena Vista 16-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Taylor John Howard Sgt Marines Iowa Volga 12-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Taylor Michael U PFC Marines Iowa Cedar Rapids 28-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Thaller Lyle K Cpl Army Iowa Mills 18-Sep-52 Died While Missing
Thomas Ernest R PFC Army Iowa Jones 11-Jun-53 Killed In Action
Thomas Jerry D Pvt Army Iowa Worth 5-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Thome Eugene John SA Navy Iowa Stacyville 8-Mar-52 Died While Missing
Thompson Ronald L PFC Army Iowa Wapello 4-Sep-50 Died While Missing
Thompson Harmon A Cpl Army Iowa Monona 26-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Tibben Darrell J Pvt Army Iowa Audubon 27-Apr-51 Killed In Action
Tibbits Marvin W PFC Army Iowa Cerro Gordo 30-Nov-50 Died Of Wounds
Tjaden Dale M PFC Army Iowa Jones 22-Oct-51 Died While Missing
Tow Frank Pvt Army Iowa Linn 22-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Treanor John E Cpl Army Iowa Polk 25-Apr-51 Died Of Wounds
Treloar Clayton A Pvt Army Iowa Fayette 16-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Umbaugh Ernest Junior SSgt Marines Iowa Coon Rapids 9-Dec-50 Killed In Action
Umburger William F 2Lt Air Force Iowa Sioux City 28-Feb-52 Died While Missing
Unkel Henry J PFC Army Iowa Muscatine 30-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Van Draska Dale E Pvt Army Iowa Poweshiek 3-Jan-51 Died While Captured
Van Note Robert Dan PFC Marines Iowa Mason City 27-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Vetter Robert M Cpl Army Iowa Muscatine 29-Nov-50 Died While Missing
Vickery Roy M PFC Army Iowa Allamakee 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Viers Edris A Sgt Army Iowa Marion 12-Aug-50 Died While Missing
Vortherms Harold B PFC Army Iowa Sioux 29-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Vos Bernard W PFC Marines Iowa Pella 30-Mar-53 Killed In Action
Voss William Anthony 1Lt Air Force Iowa Davenport 17-Jul-54 Died While Missing
Vought John W PFC Army Iowa Scott 6-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Wahlert Richard L PFC Marines Iowa Exira 9-Jul-53 Killed In Action
Wailes Ardean R Pvt Army Iowa Polk 4-Feb-51 Died While Captured
Wallace Eugene Jurgen PFC Marines Iowa Clinton 12-Jun-51 Died Of Wounds
Wallis James L Pvt Army Iowa Hardin 20-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Walter John G PFC Army Iowa Dubuque 6-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Walton Harold L PFC Army Iowa Linn 22-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Wanned Harold N PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 29-Oct-51 Killed In Action
Washburn John Gilbert PFC Marines Iowa Keokuk 6-Nov-52 Died Of Wounds
Watters Cecil H SFC Army Iowa Mahaska 29-Nov-50 Killed In Action
Weeks Richard A Pvt Army Iowa Wapello 23-Mar-51 Killed In Action
Weisheit Wilfred A Cpl Army Iowa Scott 1-Jun-51 Killed In Action
Wenck Glenn D Pvt Army Iowa Carroll 25-Apr-53 Killed In Action
Werhan Glen E PFC Army Iowa Des Moines 2-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Wheeler Robert N PFC Army Iowa Scott 15-Aug-50 Killed In Action
White Dean Walker PFC Marines Iowa Kingsley 24-Sep-50 Killed In Action
White Delbert L PFC Army Iowa Wapello 1-Dec-50 Died While Captured
Widel Leigh W PFC Army Iowa Woodbury 30-Nov-50 Died While Captured
Wilke Jack T Pvt Army Iowa Des Moines 5-Jul-50 Killed In Action
Wilkey Franklin H Pvt Army Iowa Ringgold 3-Sep-50 Killed In Action
Williams Ronald R Pvt Army Iowa Mills 16-Jul-52 Killed In Action
Williams Richard M Pvt Army Iowa Hardin 3-Jul-51 Killed In Action
Williams Ivan F PFC Army Iowa Clayton 28-Jul-52 Killed In Action
Wilson David H Pvt Army Iowa Hardin 11-Jul-50 Died While Captured
Wilson Donald J PFC Army Iowa Greene 2-Aug-50 Killed In Action
Wilson Frederick D Pvt Army Iowa Clayton 20-May-52 Killed In Action
Winchell Charles L PFC Army Iowa Sioux 19-Sep-51 Killed In Action
Wood Lyle E Cpl Army Iowa Hardin 16-Aug-50 Died While Captured
Wright Marvin L PFC Army Iowa Cedar 19-Jan-53 Killed In Action

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