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Non-returned Marriage Licenses

Names of Persons to whom Marriage Licenses were issued and no record found on this
Book of Orders of County Judge or Return of certificate

Transcribed from the original records by Roger and Mindy Natte

Microfilmed by Salt Lake City Family History Library, 25 Oct 1984, Microfiche # 6046861

Transcribed on the computer by Glapha Cox

PLEASE NOTE: I have tried to be as accurate as I can. There may be mistakes that I have made, that the original transcribers made and even the original clerks may have made. There are asterisks on the photocopy of the fiche that I have. I don’t know what they indicate. Please search through the years before and after the marriage date you are looking for. Sometimes some of the years blend. The ? indicate that I or the original transcribers can not read the name or date.

No. Date Groom Bride Notes
151 14 July 1855 George Nichols Sarah Jane Baxter  
152 22 Oct 1855 Levi Bernet Angeline Bush Bennett?
153 1 Nov 1885 Marlin B. Himer Sarah Coray  
154 10 Dec 1855 William Auker Orma S. Potter Aukes?
155 14 Feb 1856 Edward B. Geige Martha McFarland  
156 13 June 1856 Benjamin Hammer Isabet Beeson  
157 15 June 1856 Henry Faught Josephine Guard  
158 27 Sept 1856 George P. Smith Sarah Jane Hooke  
159 8 Dec 1856 Alfred M. Horn Lara (?) Pierce  
160 12 Mar 1857 Feromus B. Drake Caroline E. Hart  
161 15 Aug 1857 Thomas Qumland Bridgit Fahey Quinland?
162 29 Aug 1857 T (?) Hogan Mary Williams  
163 1 Feb 1858 Barney Callehan Delia Haley Callahan
164 12 Mar 1858 Hirem Beck Hannah Jackman  
165 8 May 1858 John Miller Julia Condon  
166 12 Sept 1868* Charmery Taylor M. A. Frakes (?)  
167 17 Dec 1858* Robert McCauley Elisabeth Hughes  

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