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Alumni of Burnside High School


Scaned image Page 1 of transcription below. Please let me know if there
is a misspelling in the transcription. I do not know who provided this information.
Class of 1924
Clarence Mollenhoff
Ollivette Swenson
Cornelia Mollenhoff
Ethyl Johnson
Lucille Lindermann
Deloris Hoyer
Class of 1925
Leo Luhmann
Orville Hoyer
Regina Hoyer
Ellen Rufer
Olliver Peterson
Edith Peterson
Elizabeth Brundage
Ruth Rosenquist
Class of 1926
Alice Mollenhoff
Eva Schram
Truman Johnson
Martha Norstrum
Lloyd Norstrum
Mary Olson
Eunice Olson
Hal Anderson
Francis Norstrum
Class of 1927
No names listed
Class of 1928
Edna Spangler
Evelyn Manchester
Marie Cruise
Bessie Norstrum
Everett Manchester
Edith Lindermann
Grace Olson
Lucille Manchester
Class of 1929
Myrtle Trueblood
Wayne DeVaul
Herbert Mollenhoff
Ethelbert Mollenhoff
Varlin Coffin
Merlin Rufer
Clifford Johnson
Class of 1930
Dorothy Freed
Violet Ebb
Carol Lindstrom
Margaret Price
Marjorie Swenson
Marcella Manchester
Maurice Higgins
Class of 1931
Vincent Urelius
Gordon Freed
Sadie Lundberg
Ruth Kling
Olive Allen
Nimrod Ebb
Glenn Urelius
Vesley Sandell
Class of 1932
Clarke Norstrum
Edna Coleman
Dora Hoyer
Lawerence Craig
Marjorie Rufer
Carol Sandell
Harold Foote
Ione Schram
Ina Mae Coffin
Mildred Borer
John Grawe
Class of 1933
Dennis Freed
Dorothy Hedeen
Porter Zenor
Alice Allen
Aileen Craig
Willard Freed
Alden Manchester
Leroy Higgins
Class of 1934
Galin Olson
Violet Lilyard
Evelyn Lundberg
Roy Mathey
Richard Godwin
Ruby Munson
Virginia Manchester
Edward Trueblood
Lois Freed
Irene Lehne
Leslie Anderson
Verna Lilyard
Steven Manchester
Class of 1935
Harry Swenson
Harold Johnson
Mable Lindstrom
Stanley Kalkwarf
Don Culver
Orin Manchester
Agnes Trueblood
Emerson Urelius
Earl Luhmann
LuVerne Smith
Ruth Coffin
Gordon Gustafson
Class of 1936
Clifford Manchester
Hazel Carlson
Donald Simmons
Marie Michelson
Donald Kling
David Kling
Zella Gustafson
Donald Coleman
Maxine Freed
Marie Lundberg
Delpha Hoyer
Norman Johnson
Olive Smith
Gerald Brundage
Scanned image of page 2
Class of 1937
Dorothy Carr
Lennis Rufer
Gerald Foote
Russell Windler
Cleo Price
Dean Woodle
Delores Bloomquist
Robert Cretts
Vernon Coffin
Nina Culver
Glenn Olson
Class of 1938
Roy Hedeen
Joyce Anderson
Marian Hendrickson
Ronald Schwendemann
Catherine Wise
Marjorie Peterson
Frances Carr
Doris Hendrickson
Dorence Freed
Gwendolyn Michelson
Richard Reed
Ruth Johnson
Athol Cuckie
Class of 1939
Geraldine Anderson
Eugene Bloomquist
Lois Coffin
John Cuckie
Mary Foote
Mildred Hoyer
Ruby Olson
Leona Peterson
Hazel Pygh
Joe Sandell
John Schuster
Kendrick Swenson
Arlene Woodle
Class of 1940
Charles Freed
Miriam Freed
Robert Bloomquist
Donald Kinne
Allison Anderson
Lloyd Schwandemann
Class of 1941
Kathryn Bell
Earl Flickinger
Virginia Freed
Meinhard Hollman
Alva Long
Ellen Manchester
Ruth Marsh
Duane Mayfield
Floyd Olson
Lowell Price
Vern Reed
Edward Schuster
Mary Trueblood
David Wiley
Helen Wise
Wallace Wise
Class of 1942
Harriett Anderson
Mary Ann Bloomquist
Doris Decker
Henrietta Foote
Richard Freed
Evelyn Johnson
Ina Johnson
Stanley Johnson
Robert Schwandemann
Harold Wiley
Class of 1943
Dallas Bradshaw
Melvin Hoyer
Melvin Lillig
Dwayne Rosenquist
Class of 1944
Donald Peterson
Barbara Boker
Gerald Rosenquist
Annabelle Lathrop
Otis Lindhart
Marjorie Olson
Arthur Wallen
Marilyn Urelius
Robert Swalla
Class of 1945
Gene Anderson
Mary Jean Luhmann
Darlene Anderson
Mary Jane Espelund
Bernadine Jondle
Irvin Heitkamp
Edna Mae Reed
Jean Boker
Opal Bradshaw
Norma Carr
Wilbur Woodle
Bernice Hollman
Kenneth Sandstrom
Reola Hoover
Shirley Olson
Walter Scott Manchester
Elizabeth Entgelmeier

"Lives of great men
all remind us
We can make our
lives sublime
And, departing,
leave behind us
Footprints on the
sands of time."

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