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Trinity Lutheran Church

1890 - 1965

Donated by Tyler Rasmussen, the Calhoun County Coordinator
(This is an 25 page book that was scanned. I'll work on doing transcripts
of names as a future project so the search function works.)

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page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
H. Engholf - The first resident teacher of Deer Creek Township school
page 5
Henry Behrens, Sr., William Hoyer, William Schulze, Henry Fink, William Holst, Henry Hoyer, William Meyer, Henry Behrens, Jr., Henry Moench, Henry W. Licht, Ernest Moench, Henry J. Licht, William Moench, Fredrich Voigts, William Kiehn
page 6
Rev. August Hermann, Rev. Schaller
page 7
page 8
Rev. C.H. Seitz, Rev. Martin Zagel
page 9
Rev. W.K. Kautz, Teacher Richard Miessler, Rev. A.F. Boehnke
page 10
page 11
Teacher Melvin Lillich, Victor Niemeyer, Robert Hoyer, Mrs. Victor Niemeyer, Herbert Gehring, Mrs. Herman Burger, Mrs. John Schultz, Mrs. Werner Bargsten, Werner Schultze, Mrs. Lawrence Schulze, Mrs. Ewold Schulze, Pastor Brandt, Mrs. Brandt, Mrs. Emil Schulze.
page 12
Teacher Pohl, Teacher Einspahr, Teacher Weerts
page 13
Miss Gehring, Miss Lieske, Mrs. Berner, Mrs. Knopf, Miss Lavonne Carlson, Mrs. William Gardner, Miss Jacquelyn Tinkey, Mrs. Ronald Udy, Rev. L. Reimann, Rev. Paul Weber
page 14
page 15
Teacher Orville Ziegel, Rev. Glenn Lashway
page 16
Rev. M.H. Brandt, Mr. Ronald Udy, Mrs. Emma Behrens
page 17
Front row: Mrs. Emma Schulze, Mrs. Martha Bargsten, Mrs. Anna Niemeyer, Mrs. Martha Schulze
Back row: Walter Trost, Mrs. Walter Trost, Henry Licht, Mrs. William Niemeyer, and William Niemeyer.
page 18
page 19
page 20
page 21
page 22
page 23
page 24
page 25

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