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1909 Standard Atlas

of Webster County, Iowa

The images below are not very large or easy to see, if you would like to see the original images, please go to Iowa Digital Library Provided by The University of Iowa Libraries. However the link to the Patrons' Directory is for a transcribed version of the images.


Table of Contents
General Index
Title Page 3 Analysis of the System of
United States Land Surveys
Table of Contents 5 Digest of the System of
Civil Government
Outline Map of
Webster County
7 General Information Regarding
Banking and Business Methods
Map of the State of Iowa 84-84 Ancient, Medieval and Modern
History, Chronologically Arranged
Map of the United States 88-89
Map of the World 92-93
Illustrations 95
Patrons' Reference Directory 119 Patron's Ref. Dir. partially transcribed.

Webster County Index
Badger, Plat of 34
Gypsum City, PLat of 35
Badger Township 45 Harcourt, Plat of 30
Barnum, Plat of 27 Hardin Township 81
Border Plains, Plat of 35 Industry, PLat of 64
Burnside, Plat of 23 Jackson Township 41
Burnside Township 71 Johnson Township 49
Callender, Plat of 31 Kalo, Plat of 27
Clay Township 69 Lanyon, Plat of 35
Clare, Plat of 39 Lehigh, PLat of 38-39
Coalville, Plat of 35 Lena, Plat of 64
Colfax Township 55 Lost Grove Township 23
Cooper Township 53 Moorland, Plat of 77
Dayton, Plat of 22-23 Newark Township 47
Dayton Township 80-81 Otho, Plat of 64
Deer Creek 43 Otho Township 61
Douglas Township 51 Pleasant Valley Township 61
Duncombe, Plat of 34 Roelyn, Plat of 64
Elkhorn Township 59 Roland Township 67
Evanston, Plat of 64 Sumner Township 71
Fort Dodge, Plat of Tara, Plat of 64
   North Part of 10-11 Vincent, Plat of 34
   South Part of 14-15 Wahkonsa Township 53
   Southeast Part of 17 Washington Township 64-65
Part of 19 Webster County, Outline 73
Fulton Township 57 Webster Township 73
Gowrie, Plat of 26-27 Yell Township 73
Gowrie Township 75

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