1850 Census of Wayne County, IA
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1850 Census of Wayne County, Iowa
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Abstracted by Karen Wagner

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Name Index:
Allison, Nora
Allison, Polly
Allison, William
Alphin, Lewfrio?
Alphin, Nancy J.
Alphin, Tebulin?
Alphin, Tillaware?
Alphin, William B.
Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Barbara
Anderson, Candosis
Anderson, Harben H.
Anderson, Howard
Anderson, Mary E.
Anderson, Rebecca A.
Anderson, Seth
Barker, Benjamin
Barker, Calvin
Barker, Charles
Barker, Mahlon
Barker, Mary E.
Barker, Matthew A.
Barker, Oliver
Barker, Ruth A.
Barker, Tamar
Bay, Charles
Bay, David
Bay, Elsy
Bay, Humphrey
Bay, James
Bay, John
Bay, John
Bay, Lovina
Bay, Lydia J.
Bay, Mary
Bay, Mary A.
Bay, Rhoda J.
Bay, Thomas
Bay, William
Bay, William
Bear, Anna
Bear, Eliza J.
Bear, Emiline
Bear, James M.
Bear, Jesse
Bear, Rebecca A.
Brock, George
Brock, Harriet
Brock, John M.
Brock, Philip H.
Browner, Eliza B.
Burke, Bartholemuel?
Burke, Elizabeth
Burke, Hannah M.
Burke, James W.
Burke, Zachariah
Chambers, James M.
Chambers, John
Chambers, Rebecca E.
Chambers, Simena?
Chambers, William
Clifford, Paul
Collins, Anjaline
Collins, Dilard
Collins, Eliza J.
Collins, James
Collins, Nancy
Collins, Sidney
Collins, William T.
Conner, Jane
Conner, Sarah C.
Conner, Stephen B.
Cook, Charley
Cox, David
Dadrill, Amanda
Dadrill, Emily
Dadrill, George
Dadrill, Huldah
Dadrill, James
Dadrill, Rebecca
Dadrill, William
Duncan, Bassel B.
Duncan, Craig M.
Duncan, Dixon S.
Duncan, Eliza
Duncan, Eliza A.
Duncan, Eliza J.
Duncan, Gwenn B.
Duncan, Harriet E.
Duncan, Harvey
Duncan, Harvey B.
Duncan, Harvey J.
Duncan, Harvey M.
Duncan, James H.
Duncan, Jane
Duncan, John A.
Duncan, Joseph
Duncan, Joseph
Duncan, Joseph A.
Duncan, Joseph R.
Duncan, Margaret
Duncan, Mary A.
Duncan, Mary E.
Duncan, Nancy
Duncan, Sophia V.
Duncan, Susan A.
Duncan, Thomas H.
Duncan, Thomas S.
Duncan, William D.
Dwire, Joseph
Dwire, Mary
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Eleazor
Fitzgerald, James H.
Fitzgerald, Martha
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fortner, Alexander
Fox, James
Fox, Nancy
Franklin, Moses
Fullerton, Murphey
Galaway, Betsey A.
Galaway, Hannah M.
Galaway, John T.
Galaway, Mahunah J.
Galaway, Michael
Galaway, Mithinia
Galaway, William
Hammock, Amanda
Hammock, Daniel
Hammock, Daniel
Hammock, Elizabeth
Hammock, Elizabeth
Hammock, Ephraim
Hammock, Frederick
Hammock, Gason
Hammock, George
Hammock, James
Hammock, Jane
Hammock, John
Hammock, Martin
Hammock, Nancy
Hammock, Wesley
Hart, Ambrose
Hart, Argin
Hart, Cassander
Hart, Cellog M.
Hart, Clarisa
Hart, Clarissa R.
Hart, Elisha
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Henry
Hart, John T.
Hart, Joseph
Hart, Joseph B.
Hart, Margaret H.
Hart, Matillo
Hart, Nathan
Hart, Nehimiah
Hart, Truman
Hoeage, Harriet
Hoeage, Hetta A.
Hoeage, William
Kirk, Madison
Kirk, Solomon
Kirkindall, Evan L.
Kirkindall, Susan
Lamnan, Abraham
Lamnan, Elizabeth
Lamnan, Mary J.
Lamnan, William
Lochlan, Thomas
Logan, Mary A.
Logan, Sarah J.
Logan, Susan
Logan, William
Mansel, Jenette
Mansel, John
Mansel, Rachel
Mansel, Sylvester
Marney, Jonathan
Mason, Betsey A.
Mason, Hiram
Mason, Jane
Mason, Siminia?
Mason, Susan
Mc Carty, Alexander
Mc Carty, Catherine
Mc Carty, Isaac
Mc Carty, Isaac
Mc Carty, Louisa
Mc Danolds, Banodett
Mc Danolds, Catherine
Mc Danolds, David
Mc Danolds, Eliza
Mc Danolds, Francis
Mc Danolds, Green?
Mc Danolds, Henry
Mc Danolds, Henry
Mc Danolds, Joseph
Mc Hurgue, Mary
Mc Hurgue, Mary E.
Mc Hurgue, Nancy E.
Mc Hurgue, William
Mc Pherson, Frances
Mc Pherson, Stephen A.
Mc Pherson, Thomas
Morgan, Andrew
Morgan, Cornilius
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, John A.
Morgan, William R.
Morris, Abigail
Morris, Abner
Morris, Christa A.
Morris, Drucilla
Morris, Henry S.
Morris, Joab
Morris, Job
Morris, John
Morris, Margaret J.
Morris, Samuel
Morris, Sarah L.
Munden, Benjamin
Munden, David
Munden, Francis M.
Munden, Joseph
Munden, Levi
Munden, Levi
Munden, Rebecca
Munden, Robert
Munden, Thomas
Murphy, James
Nidey, Abigail
Nidey, Cornilius
Nidey, David
Nidey, G.D.
Nidey, John A.
Nidey, Sarah
Nidey, Sumilda
Patterson, Hannah
Patterson, Jane
Patterson, John
Patterson, John H.
Patterson, Joseph
Patterson, Tanar
Peyton, Daniel
Peyton, Elizabeth
Peyton, George W.
Peyton, Josephine
Phillips, Augustus
Phillips, Elvina
Phillips, Joel J.
Phillips, Pinter
Phillips, Sabrina
Raines, Elizabeth
Raines, James T.
Raines, James T.
Raines, Nancy C.
Raines, William W.
Rockholt, Abner
Rockholt, Alexander
Rockholt, Caroline
Rockholt, John Davis
Rockholt, Louisa
Rockholt, Louisa J.
Rockholt, Robert
Rockholt, Tabert
Saline, Daniel
Saline, Kesiah
Saline, Susan
Smith, Carvey?
Smith, Charles T.
Smith, John
Smith, Magdelena
Smith, Martha
Smith, Susan E.
Smith, William A.
Sullivan, Elizabeth
Sullivan, Isaac K.
Sullivan, James E.
Sullivan, Joseph T.
Sullivan, Margaret A.
Sullivan, Mary J.
Sullivan, Perry
Sullivan, Susanna
Sutton, James
Sutton, Jane
Sutton, Louisa
Sutton, Samuel
Sutton, Thomas
Sutton, Wallace
Troy, Eaton
Vanderpool, Agnes
Vanderpool, Elijah
Vanderpool, Frances
Vanderpool, Hannah
Vanderpool, John
Vanderpool, Thomas A.
Vanderpool, William M.P.
Walker, Henderson
Walker, Isabelle
Walker, James H.
Walker, Margaret A.
Walker, Sarah E.
Walker, Thomas H.
Wolson, Barbery E.
Wolson, Betsey
Wolson, Frances J.
Wolson, Hiram
Wolson, Mary E.
Wolson, Nancy M.
Wolson, Robert
Wolson, Samuel
Wolson, Thomas
Wolson, William
Wyllys, Delilah
Wyllys, Elbert E.
Wyllys, Snodon H.
Wyllys, William
Young, Eliza J.
Young, James
Young, Jane
Young, Jane
Young, John C.
Young, Jonathan
Young, Jonathan
Young, Jonathan D.
Young, Michael
Young, Nancy J.
Young, Sarah
Young, William J.
Zimmerman, Adam D.
Zimmerman, Barbara
Zimmerman, John
Zimmerman, Joseph
Zimmerman, Michael
Zimmerman, Peter

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