Transcribed by Ann Selvig, from:  Allerton, Iowa Centennial,
July 5-6 1874 -1974, 100 Years



     The first Territorial legislature to meet in Iowa was in a Methodist Church building at Burlington, Nov. 12, 1838.  This was a “temporary state capitol”.  The first legislature was divided between the Whigs and Democrats.

     The first Capitol Building was built at Iowa City in 1840.  It was later decided to move the capitol to a more central location in the states, and was re-located at Des Moines in 1857.

     The first State Representative from Warren Twp. to serve this district at the General Assembly was Hartley Bracewell.  He served on the Democratic ticket from 1860-63.  Hartley Bracewell came from Yorkshire, England and settled in Warren Twp. In 1854.  He was one of the prominent farmers of that time.  He was also in the mercantile business and cashier of the Wayne Co. Bank.  He was local preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1854, for several years.

     Samuel Wright of Allerton was representative at the 20th General Assembly on the fusion Greenback and Democratic ticket.  He served from 1883-85.  Samuel Wright came to Iowa from Tennessee in 1855.  He was the first County Superintendent of Schools in Wayne County  He was a farmer, mail carrier, member of the County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff of Wayne County, Editor of the Allerton News and Mayor of Allerton.

     T. P. Walden, Allerton, served as state representative at the 29th General Assembly in 1902.   Tyler P. Walden came from Adams Co., Ohio to Wayne Co. in 1852 and settled in Corydon.  He served as deputy auditor several years and was also engaged in the lumber business.  He moved to Allerton in 1874 and organized the First National Bank here of which he was cashier.

     James A. Stiles was elected in 1902 to the 29th General Assembly to fill the vacancy caused by the death of T. P. Walden.  He served 1902-03.

     D. E. Williams, Allerton, was elected state representative to the 41st General Assembly, 1925-26.

     Theodore Krouse, Allerton, was elected state representative to the 42nd and 42nd Extra General Assembly in 1927-28.

     Ralph Keho, Warren Twp., was elected as state representative to the 57th General Assembly, 1956.  Ralph Keho was born on a farm near Allerton in 1896.  He spent all of his life on a Wayne Co. farm except for 2 years in Phoenix, Ariz.  He was engaged in farming and livestock feeding.  He was a member of the Legion Post here, had been a rural school director, and served as an AAA committeeman 6 years.  He was a township trustee in 1951 and a director of Security State Bank beginning in 1948.  He died while serving his term as State Representative, 1958.

     Reed Casey, Warren Twp. Was elected state representative to the 59th General Assembly and served 2 years, 1958-60.  Reed was born on a farm near Allerton in 1915.  He spent all of his life on the farm except 49 months with the U.S Army during World War II.  He joined an Iowa unit of the 34th Infantry Division as a selectee at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and served with the unit through the African Campaign.  He served 1 year with G-3 Allied Force Headquarters in Algiers, Algeria and North Africa.  He served 4 years as deputy auditor and auditor for Wayne Co.  He is a member of the VFW’s and American Legion, I.O.O.F. 310.


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