Transcribed by Ann Selvig, from:  Allerton, Iowa Centennial,
July 5-6 1874 -1974, 100 Years




     Postmaster                                 Period Served

     Isaac Kersey                              June 13, 1871

     George McLean                          August 2, 1871

     Ate Raiser                                   April 8, 1873

     Edward E. Foster                        (date not given)

     Charles F. LeCompte                  Feb. 14, 1878

     George M. Finley                Dec. 22, 1884

     David D. Shirley                          Dec. 4, 1885

     George W. Hill                            July 28, 1886  

     Samuel H. Hedrix                Apr. 19, 1889

     John M. Hester                           May 11, 1893

     George W. Hill                            July 2, 1895

     Samuel H. Hedrix                May 17, 1897

     John C. Meredith                 Dec. 14, 1908

     Ed McConaughey                        July 23, 1913

     Wilma Bull                                   Aug. 1, 1920

     William Hall                                 Dec. 14, 1921 

     Mrs. Tilda O. Nye                        June 18, 1934

     Clare Dougherty                          Apr. 30, 1940

     Thomas H. Alley                          June 30, 1952

     Virgil L. Ellis                        Sept. 15, 1954

                                                        Still serving – 1973

     Above list from “Interesting County History” W. H. Burton


     Mildred Ruark, Clerk, started with the Post Office Department in 1938 and is still serving.  Laura Davis is substitute clerk.

     The first Post Office that is known, was located in the Bullis Building, which was located just north of the Bullis home on the east side of Central Avenue in block 31.  The Bullis Home is now the residence of Edna Cook.  In the late 1800’s the Post Office was moved to the west side where the Bank is today – then where the Civic Center is and last at its present location.

     The first main was brought to Allerton from Corydon by Jack.  L. L. Lugar was one of the drivers.  Mail came for many years by passenger trains until they were discontinued in 1967.  Around 1950 the HPO’s went into service.  These were Highway Post Office Buses which ran for about 8 to 10 years.  The Star Route was started after the last mail trains and is still in service today.

     Postage stamps for first class mail were first 2c sealed or 1c unsealed.  Then it went to 3c, 4c, 6c and today 8c.  Post cards were first a penny, then 2c, 4c and now 6c.  The first air mail started around 1920 and the stamp was 24c, but was soon reduced to 10c for ½ ounce.  Later the air mail stamp dropped to 6c, then went up to 8c, 10c and today is 11c.  The 1c post card is 100 years old.

     The first Rural Mail was carried by horseback or carriage.  Some of the Rural Mail Carriers were:  P. K. Houston, Fred Houston, Glenn Tibbets, Leo Ferrell, Eldie Conwell, Noble Reagan, Les Bade, Bill Rayburn and Karl Hursey.  A substitute carrier was Rodney Cobb.

     1973 Rural Mail Carriers are Jack Keho and Leonard Hashman.  Substitute is Dan Day.

     In 1971 the department was changed from the Government to the United States Postal Service which is an Independent Corporation headed by 9 men.

     From 1858 to 1866, Samuel Wright had a contract with the government to carry the U. S. Mail between Princeton, Missouri and Chariton, Iowa.  With the large volume of mail that is handled today, and most of it being processed out of the Des Moines office, undoubtedly the mail carried then by horseback went faster than our mail today!


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