Ross A.,  son of W.A. & Mary A DAVISSON, d. Jan 22, 1848, aged 9 yrs
David J.,  son of W.A. & Mary A. DAVISSON, d. Aug 28, 1847, aged 6 yrs
William A., son of W.A. & Mary A. DAVISSON  d. Sept 4, 1843, aged 6 weeks
Mary A.,  wife of W.A. DAVISSON, d. Aug 7, 1847, aged 29 yrs
Amanda E. WILDER, d. June 5, 1849, aged 25 yrs 3 mos
David F.,  son of B.H. & A.E. WILDER, d. Feb 18, 1848, aged 3 mos 10dys
John H.,  son of B.H. & A.E. WILDER, d. July 15 1849, aged 2 mos 12 dys
Susan,  wife of Lewis M. PATTISON, d. Marh 7, 1862 aged 34 yrs, 4 mos 10dys
James,  son of L.M.  & Susan PATTISON, d. June, (1862 or before) aged 6 mos
Martha,  daughter of L.M. & Susan PATTISON, d. Nov 2 (1863 or before) aged 2 yrs. 3 mos, 21 dys
Laura L.  daughter of R. & J.A. MANN, d. Jan 27, 1849
Rebecca,  wife of  N. DAYTON, d. Aug 5, 1850, aged 39 yrs, 9 mos, 16 das.
William M., son of J.H. & C.A. SWIFT, d. May 16, 1852 aged 8 mos. 16 das
Emily E. Daughter of N. C. & E.J. SUTHARD, d. Jan 24, 1862 aged 4 yrs. 4 mos, 24 dys
Frances M., Cordelia E., and Mandana F., triplet children of  N. & R. DAYTON d. Aug 1850 aged 9 mos
Richman B., son of J.H. & C.A. SWIFT,  d. April 4, 1854, aged 5 mos.
Richard MANN,, d. Jan 6, 1847, aged 42 yrs 9 mos, 4 dys
Olive H. MANN, d. Jan 7, 1847, aged 8 yrs. 2 mos. 14 dys
Rebecca J., wife of E. M. PATTISON, d. June 26, 1852, aged 24 yrs. 3 mos., 8 dys
Jenie, daughter of Joseph and Sophia SHILLING WOLF, d. Oct 6, 1880, aged 9 hours
                                                                       SUSPECTED BURIALS
Elizabeth, wife of William HINKSTON is said to be first burial in this cemetery.
Nicholas DAYTON 1800-1874 may be buried with his wife Rebecca
Amelia SOUTHARD, d. Jan 28, 1848, aged 4 yrs
Rebecca MANN, d. Jan 6 1847

The above sign was erected at the site of the abandoned Pattison Cemetery located in Washington Township. The sign was purchased by the Washington County Genealogical Society and installed by Jim Marsh, Chuck Hotle, Bob and Ferd Marie. Several  society members helped in the beginning by digging up the many broken stones.

Jim Marsh and Chuck Hotle purchased and put up a sign at the corner of Highway 92 and Lexington Blvd. showing the cemetery location. A gateway has been made to the west making it easier to get into. Several pine trees and flowers have been planted and it is mowed and maintained by Ferd Marie at this time. It is planned to repair 9 broken headstones in the near future. We thank those who have worked so hard and diligently to resurrect this cemetery in our county. (Spring/Summer 2008 WCGS newsletter)