Wellman Advance
Before 23 April 1890 when it was reprinted in the Washington Press

Wellman Advance--This is a very good brand of religion.  W.I. Grecian living 7 miles southeast of here, has been sick and unable to work for three or four weeks, his trouble resulting from is grippe,mumps, etc. His farm work remained undone, and prospects were not dazzling. But Tuesday 13 of his neighbors came with their teams and machinery and before night had put in 35 (or 85)?? acres of grain for the sick man.  Here are the names of the good Samaritans: Chas Brown, Dave Benson, Chas Bear, Slim Work, Dave Bishop, Fred Bartholomew, Will Ofield, John Malin, Fred Mouser, Newt Arnold, Tom Reeves, Henry Kenick and Jim Thomas.

Wellman Advance
4 May 1899

The Milwaukee is surveying an air line from Davenport to Kansas City. It may run through Ainsworth and Washington, and again it may not. There is a possibility, too that this air will amount to nothing more than air. There is generally a strong element of uncertainty in railroads as long as they are on paper only. The Black Diamond System, for example.

Wellman Advance
11 May 1899

Report of Dayton  School--for month ending May 8, 1899; No of days taught, 10, No of pupils enrolled 39; No. of visitors 11; Names of pupils not absent during the month: Harry Gray, Gallen Sitler, Lake Polton, Elsie Whetstine; Zona Ayres, Loval Gray, Lila McConnell, Arah McConnell, Opal Gray, Orpha Gray and Bessie Carr. Estella Blaker, Teacher.