Towns of Washington County, Iowa
transcribed by Norma Jennings

Washington Democrat
13 June 1894

The southeastern part of Washington county is a rich and productive section, settled, and owned by well-to-do farmers. Here the thriving town of Crawfordsville has grown an incorporated municipality and an important business center.
Business Directory
F. T. Wolf -- Editor and Proprietor of Crawfordsville Imprint
United Presbyterian and Methodist Churches
H. Manners--Mayor
W. E. Griffith--Marshall
C, N, Strain--Street Commissioner
W.A. Anderson--Recorder
M.D. Marshall, C.M. Strain, M. Sewell, H. Hobbins, H.D. Cherryholmes, W. E. Sewell--Aldermen
Miss S. E. Crawford--Millinery
L. I. Vernon--Blacksmith Shop
Twinam Bros--Feed Mill
James Hunter--Washing Machines
J. W. Harper--Contractor and Builder
Brown Bros--Tile Factory
Wamsley & Richey--Creamery and Cheese Factory
T.R. Maxwelll--General Store
J.J. Weldin & Co.--Drug Store
S.L. Anderson--Hardware
J.S. Vernon--Meat Market
M.J. Peck--Hotel Peck
H.C. Hull, F. P.W. Lindsay, C.W. Gardner--Physicians and Surgeons
C. Harper--Harness Shop
W,H. Riley--Justice of the Peace
J. Lease--Tensorial Rooms
Knox and Riley--Painters
J.B. Crooks--Grain and Coal
N. Lease--General Merchandise
W.A. Anderson--Restaurant
Sewell Bros.--Livery Stable
H.W. Cook--Lumber Yard
The patronizing territory of this little village, located on the Narrow Gauge between  Washington and Crawfordsville is somewhat limited, and the business houses  few in number. However, the variety and magnitude of the commercial interests represented by two energetic firms located here is greater than would be suspected by a casual observer. The receipts of the railroad at this station, last year, aggregated the net sum of $8,400.

J. B. Eckerman, who for many years has been in business here, deals in grain and coal, and owns a large and complete elevator with all the modern improvements. Capacity  about 9000 bushels. A feed mill is run in connection, grinding Tuesday and Fridays.  Mr. Eckerman also acts as postmaster, station agent and school director.

Coulter & McFarlane keep a stock of dry goods, notions, groceries, confectionery, fruit, hardware, boots and shoes, caps, clothing, farming machinery, etc. They have been in business a comparatively short time, have many friends and a rapidly growing patronage.
Washington County being in many respects the best in Iowa it is not strange that a town should be started with in its border and in less than sixteen year become  so important a business point as Wellman.  When the location  for this town was decided upon, it so happened that the surroundings were  most favorable. Having a very rich and productive soil, a vast amount of grain, stock, and farm produce of all kinds has been shipped away, and with the money so obtained the farms have been improved, the homes furnished, school houses and churches built and withal the town has flourished and grown to be a place of  no small importance, and will continue for second place in Washington County. The following is a list of city officials and others engaged in business or professional life in Wellman.

City Directory
Chas. Brassett--Mayor
Ezra Bradford--Recorder
H. G. Moore--Treasurer
Jacob Trischman, H. S. Sample, J. W. McKinley, A. L. Palmer, Lewis King, W. S. Phillips--councilmen

Business Directory
W. E. Stump--Postmaster
Wm F. Reed--Editor and Proprietor Wellman Advance
Rev. Thos. Osborn--Pastor, M.E.Church
Rev. E. Willard--Pastor, Baptist Church
Daniel Swindler--Principal of High School
A.F.M. Frost--Agent B., C.R. & N.R.R.
W. P. Gardiner--Physician and Surgeon
S.J. Smith--Physician and Surgeon
J. W. Morgan--Physician and Surgeon
J. R. Downing--Veterinary Surgeon
S.S. Rose--General Insurance Agent
J.P. La Rew--Pain Paint
N.B. Messenger--Drayman
S.J. Wishard, W.T. Hamilton, John Shaffer, Chas. Darian--Stock Buyers
E.T. Smith--Grain, Coal, Tile, etc.
W. H. Wishard--Lumber, Sash, Doors, Etc.
W.C. Hale--Grain, Coal, Tile
J.P. La Rew--Manufacturer of Cypress Woven Wire Fence
David Coffey--Veterinary Surgeon
M.A. White--Proprietor Bradford House
G.A. Heeney--Cigar factory No 178, 11th Dist
W.A. Shepherd--Blacksmith
J.E. Wells--Wagon Paint and Repair shop
A.G. Pratt--Barber
Kirkpatrick and Turnipseed--Dry Good, Boots and Shoes, Groceries
Jacob Trieschman--Boots and Shoes
W.A. Downing--Groceries
Ezra Bradford--Notary Public and Justice of the Peace
J.H. King--Dry Goods and Groceries
A.G. Palmer--Hardware and Implements
J.W. Grinnel-- Grinnell Merchandise
C.R. Brown--Barber
H. Gilder--Hotel and Butcher Shop
J.F. Royer--Groceries
W.M. Lenezey--Butcher Shop
H.C. Schieb--General Merchandise
Ring & Sitler--Blacksmiths
John Downing--Livery, Feed and Sale  Stables