Washington Democrat
21 January 1891

Crawfordsville--Our town is unquestionably going to enjoy a regular boom this spring.  She will be incorporated. Petitions to that effect are now being circulated, and everybody seems to sign, whether they will vote that way at the election or not.There seems to be good grounds for saying there will be several more store rooms and dwellings in place of the unsightly tumble-downs that greet the visitor's eyes. Our sidewalks will be put to repair, stock will be kept off the street, streets will be kept clean, and Crawfordsville will grow. No question about it. The report about gas is all a hoax....Sheck Vernon intends putting up ice this week.....Herman Hines has relatives here from Burlington visiting him...Mr. Christy of Panora, brother of Mrs. Will Craig, is visiting them....J. B. McCoy got the deep well people to go at his job Friday noon and they were down 60 feet by Saturday evening...They are from Illinois and goers....Messrs. Campbell & Hunter are the new musical firm in town....The U.P. young people will hold a social at Mrs. Elliott's Thursday evening...The White Cloud Literary Society will give an entertainment in the town hall Friday evening....There will be a paper and some of the best declaimers have promised to be on hand.....The Presbyterians have began a revival to be carried on all week. Three ministers are here...Mr. Wm Maxwell is quite ill....There are quite a number who are under the weather, so to speak, but none dangerously so.

1893 Washington Democrat - (month and date not recorded) - WCGS newsletter Spring/Summer newsletter 2008

Ainsworth, Iowa
    Among the prosperous enterprising towns of Washington County, Ainsworth takes a leading place. Although small in point of population, the  trading done at this place commends in the highest terms the methods of its business men and he fertility and resources of the surrounding country. That this is true, was pretty fully demonstrated seven years ago, when all but one or two of the business houses were reduced to ashes, they being at once replaced with larger and more permanent buildings. While many were ruined financially, numbers of enterprising men occupied their places and re-opened active and enlarged business plants on the old foundations.
    Ainsworth is the distributing point for large quantities of lumber, coal, hardware, dry goods, clothing, etc. It is also one of the best stock shipping points on this branch of  the Rock Island Railroad.
    The men at the head of affairs here--those attending to the legislature, educational and commercial interests of Ainsworth are as follows:
    S. A. Chambers, Mayor
    H.H. Wickham, City Clerk
    J .W. Lane, Marshal
    Thos Whitney, Street Commissioner
    A.E. Spalding, W.W. Moore, T.J. Lewis, W.T. Trotter, G.E. Akins, H.F. Hites, Aldermen.
    John H. Pearson, Postmaster, editor and propriety of Ainsworth Clipper.
    Prof. Barnes, Superintendent of City Schools
    The Methodist, United Presbyterian, United Brethren and Baptist churches,
    T. J. Easter, Station Agent

Washington Democrat
1 May 1901

It is rumored that the citizens of this town will have the opportunity to show how badly they want the Milwaukee railroad  by being asked to contribute $30,000 to buy the right of way through town. We wonder if the road is really worth that much to the town. It may be in the long run, but it is a good deal of money, even in these prosperous times.

Washington Democrat
1 May 1901

Mrs. Jane Grant and son, Albert, have moved to Davenport. He has a job on the Davenport Times. As a reporter, he beats the band. He gets onto more, that people do not want published than anyone in the business, and he will make a valuable man, with experience. He is a bright boy.

Washington Democrat
6 Feb 1904

The new McDowell M.E. Church which is several miles southwest of here near Veo, was dedicated Sunday by Elder Lambert. There has been a church there for forty-five years or more, which has been placed aside for this new structure.  The cost of the building is about two thousand dollars, which  sum they have already raised.

Washington Democrat
29 December 1906
Salaries of the teachers of Iowa have had a marked advance during the last year. The average salary paid  the male teachers in Iowa last year was $63.97 a month and that paid women teachers was $43.21.
Washington Democrat
4 May 1907

From Clay--Near the entrance of the cemetery is a monument bearing the name of Rev. T.H.Holmes, who was buried here 35 years ago after serving the church as pastor seven years. The widow has been living with her daughter at Vandalia, Ill, and before her death she asked to be buried beside the body of her husband in Clay. The son, Rev. Otis D. Holmes now pastor at Algona and member of the legislature, came with the casket Friday and a large number of friends gathered at the depot and took part in the burial obsequies. Mr. Holmes was a good man, specially loved by young people, and he is still remembered affectionately.